KINGDOM HEARTS III OH MAH GAWD HYPE! – Dream Drop Gumdrop Make My Little Bottom Plop

Checking out the latest as we barrel towards .


  1. Early people, unite!

  2. The Breakfast Megapowers

    I hope they announce The Last Guardian this year.

  3. eeewwwwww………Disney characters with Japanese voices. ……That’s just not right.

  4. Shall we all agree that the plot is pointless, and we’re just here for a Disney/Final Fantasy mash-up?

  5. Alexander Freeman

    Kingdom Hearts has always been one of those game series which I have no idea why people like.

  6. Can’t wait for this to come out it 2026 when it’s finally done

  7. “It has come out too late” “it’s too kiddy” “I’m too old for these characters”
    I still thinks awesome don’t take that away from me

  8. Not James Woods as Hades? Weird…
    Hades is the one role James Woods has gone on record as saying he would reprise at every opportunity because of how much fun he is.

  9. I totally agree with you that kingdom hearts story is too complicated and kinda bad

  10. they murdered Hitman for this?

  11. Why are there some many salty people in the comments? What do you people have against kingdom hearts?

  12. They give Tetsuya Nomura too big a role in these games, that’s the problem. Art design – spot on (totally needs more belts)

  13. 2020 can’t get here fast enough; oh don’t be surprised you lot…you think this game will be out by this year or the next? Come on son lol

  14. ThatBugBehindYou

    Kingdom Hearts is the type of game that you can’t understand until you play.

    It has so many little things that make it great and I feel bad for the people who didn’t start with it at a younger age, mostly because they won’t ever try it.

  15. Wait did I catch that and you said another Shadow Hearts, holy shit someone else knows about that fucking game.

  16. Who else is there for the plot of the games?

  17. Is it just me or does Japanese James Woods sound exactly like James Woods just speaking Japanese?

  18. You can’t fool me Squenix. It’ll be YEARS before you can release THIS game.

  19. how can anyone not understand that story it’s pretty easy to follow

    the world was initially one then a mad scientist transplanted his eye in the no name keyblade to see the future and used that foreknowledge to engineer a war that ended the world by engulfing it into darkness
    then that world was barely saved ,albeit in a fragmented state, by the dandelions that were guided by master ava and the 7 princesses of hearts that kept the light alive

    fast forwards a few generations and this event was ancient history a young xahnort was visited by his future disembodied heart (ansem the seeker of darkness) who gave him the power of the keyblade and set him off his destined path off destiny islands with his first mission being to gather all the xahnort’s throught the timeline

    later on xahnort becomes a keyblade apprentice along with his friend eraqus and somewhere along the line inherits the no name keyblade

    a few decades after and xahnort is obsessed in solvoing the mysteries of the keyblade war and the true nature of light and darkness and in his efforts shatters the heart of his apprentice ventus and creates vanitas who is the representation of ventus’s darkness that was extracted while ventus is saved by sora’s newly born heart coming into contact and filling up his own that restabilises his heart and helps him survive
    then xahnort entrusts ventus to eraqus

    3 years after that ventus and the 2 apprentices of eraqus ,terra and aqua, are about to be examed for the mark of mastery
    aqua succeeds and terra fails because he lacked control over the darkness in his heart
    right after that the worlds are attacked by unversed and terra and aqua are sent out to investigate and ventus escapes to follow terra to inform him of a masked figure he encountered
    hijinks ensue and they meet again in the keyblade gravyard where the the keyblade war happened and the final battle between them and xaxhort and vanitas,the masked boy, would take place
    terra gets possessed by xahnort
    ventus and vanitas fuse and form a X-blade and then shatter their heart
    kingdom hearts is summoned and aqua is blown away
    aqua takes vanitas’s vegitative body and places it in a chamber of their homeworld she then transforms into castle oblivion
    aqua confronts terranort
    terranort loses his memories and is taken in by ansem the wise
    aqua falls into the realm of darkness

    10 years after that a teen sora wants to leave his homeworld via raft when the heartless attack ,he loses his friends, and searches the world to find them
    riku get’s possessed by ansem who is the heartless of terranort
    sora loses the keyblade in hollow bastion
    sora regains the keyblade in hollow bastion
    sora seals the keyhole of hollow bastion

    sora finds the end of hte worlds and confronts ansem
    ansem becomes a boat
    they fight
    ansem dies becasue kindgom hearts is light
    they close the door to kingdom hearts to keep the darkness inside because kindgom hearts is darkness
    sora is seperated again and riku is lost in the realm of darkness

    sora finds a castle
    sora kills some hooded figures
    sora forgets everything
    sora gets false memories
    sora must sleep for a year to regain memories

    riku wakes up in a castle
    riku kills some hooded figures
    riku decides to look after the sleepping sora

    sora’s body gets a mind of it’s own
    sora’s body gets feelings
    a friend of sora’s body turns out to be a puppet that takes his power away
    sora’s body kills the puppet and everyone forgets it
    sora’s body can then dual wield keyblades by summoning his blad eand the blade of ventus who’s fractured heart was sleeping inside him
    riku beats up sora’s body and drags it back to ansem the wise but is forced to summon the darkness to do it
    sora’s body is absorbed by sora

    sora wakes up
    sora sees there are still heartless around but also a new threat : nobodies
    the hooded figures are also nobodies
    sora shases the hooded figures aroundthe worlds and seeks riku
    sora kills the hooded figures and finds riku
    riku looks like ansem the seeker of darkness
    kindgom hearts explodes and riku is riku again
    together riku and sora kill terranort’s body

    mickey analyses jimny’s journal to find a data sora in it
    lost information is recovered
    and a reference to the book of prophecies is made
    mickey sends a letter to sora to meet him and save ventus terra and aqua

    sora and riku go to reversed disney
    reversed disney then puts them to a test : unlock keyholes in the sleeping worlds to gain the mark of mastery
    twewy characters !
    hijinks ensue
    a new hooded organisation made up of the xahnorts young xahnort gathered
    xahnort almost possesses sora
    an old enemy hooded figure saved him
    riku becomes a master and sora fails the test and must regain his lost power to face off xahnort

  20. TheLegendaryVGA96

    For those who are lost in this incomprehensible mess-I mean intrinsicate puzzle of a plot, let me tell you all you need to know:

    Everyone is Ansem. Except those who are Sora.

    But sometimes they are Ansem too.

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