Kingdom Hearts III – Mickey Mouse Operation (Jimpressions)

Kingdom Hearts III is finally here. Sora, Goofy, and Donald will finally put a stop to Xehanort, Xehanort, and Xehanort. Because a heart can live anywhere, even in data!

Yes, it’s more total nonsense from a story perspective. As a game? Well, it’s a ton of bloody fun, because it’s a very good game!


  1. Kingdom Hearts III: Featuring Sora, dark Sora, anime Sora, and AU Sora.

  2. Loved the way you’ve been trolling literally everyone on the spectrum with KHIII while ultimately judging the game on its own merits. I’m not saying any other video game journalist is redundant and OBSOLETE, but…

  3. Wonton Buggery is now the name of my Punk Pop band…

  4. Valve: *the number 3 doesn’t exist*

    Kingdom Hearts: *12 equals 3*

  5. Hey. Sent an email to you regarding EA and lootboxes possibly getting banned in Norway too. Article was posted today in a Norwegian game news site I read and I’ve sent a rough translation!

  6. “I learned that a heart can live anywhere, even in Data.”

    Isn’t that the moral of Star Trek: The Next Generation?

  7. Guru Larry separated his heart one day, his heartless became Jim Sterling and the nobody became what we know as Movie Bob.

  8. Matthew Rubenstein

    Yes, Kingdom Hearts isn’t the smartest game series out there. Yes the overarching plot is convoluted and the game titles are just dumb.

    But this game feels like the ultimate culmination of a unique vision in giving fans exactly what it promised at launch, even if said vision isn’t a masterwork. I enjoy Kingdom Hearts for how sincere the whole thing is, the passion put into the games’ combat and presentation with the generally nice messages of friendship and connection.

    I’d take that ANY DAY over some bland, brown overhyped game with microtransactions that the studios shipped out just for a business quota devoid of any content or standout qualities. Earnestly dumb in a big overdesigned jacket beats “classy” with your pants yanked down.

  9. Kingdom Hearts: a charming, inventive, game with entertaining combat and good morals about friendship and hope.

    …And the most frustratingly convoluted storyline of any Squeenix series, and that’s saying something.

  10. Kingdom Hears III. Birth By Death, Sleep Awake. The Beginning is the End is The Beginning Prologue Epilogue

  11. You really FEEL like an anime boi in a Disney world trying to have a fanfiction level storytelling.

  12. I have to laugh that you included the cut scene I watched this morning and was just like “jesus this is like the scene from Black Dynamite making fun of overly explainy parts in movies.”

  13. Kingdom Hearts 3 has three drinking games, every time someone says “Sora, Donald and Goofy” take a shot. Take a shot when someone says Heart. And when someone says darkness take a shot. Yes I list these as separate games because attempting to do all three at one will have you doing a lot more then seeing pink elephants.

  14. Oh my God that Mickey Mouse voice. I can’t hear that as anything other than a middle-aged man making his voice squeaky and explaining the nonsensical plot to a Japanese RPG. That’s the real Disney Magic there.

  15. Playing Kingdom Hearts is like dating a crazy hot girl with an unbearably terrible laugh.

  16. Honestly I found that II.9 splash screen genuinely hilarious. They know what they’re doing.

  17. God I really cant look at Buzz Lightyear and NOT see Paladin Danse any more.

  18. theweddingsinger1970

    “Look at that wanton buggery on the screen right there” – Jim Sterling, 2019

    Maybe Disney will use that quote on the box cover.

  19. Hello 2008-9’ers!
    I put myself into a voluntary coma after beating KH2 in order to avoid waiting like 3 years. I just woke up an hour ago, finally released eh?!

    Is it just for Ps3 or is Ps2 able to play it? Heading over to RadioShack for the system and controllers, might need a component adaptor though for my tube, maybe Toys R Us if it’s cheaper there. Flippin’ Excited!

  20. Mickey’s voice sounds like he’s finally starting to feel his 90+ years of existence.

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