KIMULATOR – A New Standard In Cringe

If youR;ve got a tendency to grind your teeth… be careful.


  1. Oh wow. I am sorry to post another comment, but I was able to see the
    ending to this piece of shit from another youtube video.
    Trust me Jim, you dodged a bullet by not finishing this mess.

    So you successfully kill Kim (I guess…?) and the sergeant turns out to be
    a psychopath and kills you. Then jesus shows up again after the credits and
    tells you to leave positive feedback for these fucking hacks or else he’ll
    be disappointed in you.

    Why the fuck would this person lower his standards to this level? You
    should of looked at the script and told them THAT THESE PEOPLE WERE OUT OF

    Plumber’s Don’t Wear Ties doesn’t sound as bad to me now. You wanna know
    whats sad? These people were probably inspired by that tripe and wanted to
    do their own take on it, but even the acting in that game was better then
    their attempt.

    You know that you fucked up when Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties is better then
    your piece of shit.

  2. For future reference and for your education kiddiwinks – before setting out
    on a creative voyage of any sort, please study the work of Terence McKenna,
    learn how to use psychedelics safely & then, and only then, after speaking
    with the transcendental object at the end of time, begin your creative
    journey. This will revolutionise Steam and stop the flow of shit.

  3. Safersephiroth777

    This game seems strange?

  4. Hire Fiverr Jesus to do the sign-off for next week’s Jimquisition.

    “Thank me for Jim.”

  5. Adam Poole (animeguy4ever)

    2:15 i though the guy was retarded at first since i could barely understand
    him.. turns out he’s just canadian… not sure which is worse lol

  6. 3:43 Fucking hell… Jesus really does exist.

  7. lol how did I know this was a bmc games game from the thumbnail alone!

  8. little content that takes long to load = bad programming. Finished watching
    this now…. Master Sterling, grant me the power to carry on watching
    cringe worthy crap. Your power of patience is truly astounding XD

  9. Wow, cringe.

  10. nope, got to 5:01, my cringe reflex can only take so much.

  11. Plumbers don’t wear ties for the 3D0 was less cringy than this. And it had
    better production values.

  12. Why even make this a game? They probably would’ve actually had something
    resembling success if they just made it a parody film.

  13. Adam Poole (animeguy4ever)

    how did jim sand playing this for as long as he did?.. can we blame the
    medication for his back?..

  14. I’m not even mad that this shite got through the Greenlight. Just


    I need to go cry into a pillow.

  15. Please tell me you got a refund

  16. Alexandros Katechis

    Something tells me David Cage made something like this when he was in high
    school, realized how hard it was to make video games and went back to
    making shit movies.

  17. my God! this is an absolute abomination!

  18. metal gear length cutscenes in this bad boy

  19. thelaughingrouge

    This guy is the new David Cage.

  20. william mitchell

    This is what happens when you tell your kids they can be whatever they want
    to be.

  21. those live action parts are fucking cringey as fuck

  22. All behold a new COD killer pretendent!

  23. F0rAFewDollarsMore

    Just when you though Steam Greenlight games couldn’t get any worse.

  24. on behalf of all quebecers, I truly apologize for this abomination. a

  25. Is it normal that BMC Studio’s horrible skits make me want to kill myself?

  26. Are you sure jim BMC isn’t just part of Digital Hommicide, There I said
    their name lol

  27. AntheanCeilliers

    I said it before on the Jim Sterling Reacts video, and I’ll say it again:
    These white boys need to be beaten up. Their ego is too big, they think
    everything they do is golden. Some bully in Canada, somewhere, please, go
    give these guys swirlies and break their glasses.

  28. Why.. Why people make these crappy games that aren’t crappy enough to be

  29. French game development has fairly low standards.

  30. Steam is breaking new-grounds with greenlight.

  31. I don’t know why, but I feel sorry for that Jesus actor guy

  32. I’ve never had cancer, but I now feel like I know what having cancer would
    be like.

  33. I’m suicidal after watching this.

  34. God I’m like 5 minutes in and I can’t stand it anymore.. I don’t know how
    Jim doesn’t just punt his PC through a window after seeing shit like this.

  35. How about a vote to remove turds from Steam? That exists right?

  36. The original Mimic

    oh god these fags just wont stop with this ****

  37. we need one hell of a post lawsuit Jimquisition

  38. i would assume the long loading times are to help stop people from
    refunding the game

  39. I wanna hire Jesus. I want my own, personal, Jesus.

  40. I feel like the title of this should have been, “I’m suffering and I want
    you to suffer too”.

  41. These guys have gone full never go full retard.

  42. Backward Rocket Studios

    I wasn’t looking at the video at 2:18 and thought I’d accidentally skipped
    a portion.

    Apparently not.

  43. This shit depresses me, why even fucking try educating yourself when people
    like this get so much attention…

  44. if its not worth it, why the hell did you do it?! you knew it is a piece of
    crappy shit beforehand, this is even far worse than DH games and yet you
    wasted 18 mins on it, not sure what are you trying to say here.

  45. french canadian guy… enough said!

  46. Jesus is probably somebody they found on Fivver.

  47. If you cannot play this game in north Korea that’s a point for Kim.

  48. I’m a french canadian, my level of cringe and shame at the moment is
    through the fucking roof o.o, SHAMEFUL DISPLAYU!

  49. Yes, it’s very well known that the American military kills the family
    members of fellow soldiers. Jesus Christ this is shit. :l

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