Killing Every Animal In Red Dead Redemption 2 Is An Absolute Nightmare – UpIsNotJump Plays

Killing Every Animal In Red Dead Redemption 2 Is An Absolute Nightmare. Part one in a new series I cleverly call “UpIsNotJump Plays”

SO I am trying out a new let’s play series, hopefully this will mean more videos. I chose to do Red Dead Redemption 2 since I reviewed this game most recently, for now I think all the games I play in this series will be ones I have done a “Is An Absolute Nightmare – This Is Why” video on since we will all be familiar with the games. I will try and do some VR let’s plays soon as a result.

All the Absolute Nightmare, UpIsNotJump Plays will have a twist like this so they aren’t just your average Let’s Play.

I may do a few more episodes in Red Dead Redemption 2 first, just depends what you guys think of this episode.



  1. Thank you for watching you wonderful people!
    I also want to do an Elite Dangerous VR version of this so please do leave some suggestions of challenges to do in that as well!!

  2. Kill a guy in the middle of saint denis then walk away from the police

  3. please fill someones house with as many cans of beans as you can find

  4. Onen Dogs and trees

    Every animal kill, if someone witnesses it beat them to death


  6. You have to talk like a cowboy for the rest of the video…

  7. Do whatever makes you the happiest.

  8. Catch a disease and find a way to spread it.

  9. Kill as many people in a town as you can using only your fists and health tonics.

  10. Put someone on a train

  11. Punch a bear in the face.

  12. My challenge is to sacrifice a goat to Satan


  13. *PETA wants to know your location*

  14. Make 10 or more people get run over by the same train in one instance

  15. Please stop kicking the doggies it makes me very sad 🙁 they deserve pats they are good boys and they didn’t do anything to you or to the mean Twitter person who told you to kick them

    Just to be clear I’m totally ok with u killing people and making horses shit on their heads

  16. Dude your channel is getting more and more popular I’m so glad you’re getting the recognition you deserve! The content you put out is amazing

  17. I think I can hear peta hyperventilating,

  18. New task: Go and apologise to all the dogs you’ve wronged, you monster.

  19. Drift a wagon. We need that old timey euro beat.

  20. Hogtie the mayor of strawberry and toss him off a cliff.

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