Kids Empty Their Parents’ Bank Accounts After Exposure To FIFA’s Gambling Mechanics

At this point, we should accept FIFA isn’t suitable for children, and it’s not just me saying it. EA’s response to a BBC article about children overspending on FIFA was to send them “Spending Control” guidelines.

If we’re at a point where we need parental controls on spending, then we need to accept that FIFA – a series currently deemed suitable for three-year-olds – is a game for adults. Y’know, like all games with gambling features should be.

You want gambling in your games? You should adhere to gambling standards.

A BBC article details how four kids emptied the family bank account after exposure to FIFA 19’s Ultimate Team Mode, unwittingly overspending to get their favorite player. EA declined to comment.

EA’s a coward, and a parasite, and if it continues to hide behind “Spending Control” warnings, their games should be treated as inherently unfit for minors. Screw EA.



  1. The higher-ups of EA will never have to face these questions personaly because they chose and buy their journalists. They would never get interviewed by a gaming journalist who is known to be at least a little bit honest

  2. Games nowadays seem to have bugs in the game. However, the store, the stores online connectivity, the layout and presentation of in game store is always ten out of ten. Like, there isn’t a single game where making an in game purchase is even remotely inconvenient.
    On the other hand, for the actual game itself. Loot boxes, xp boosters, pathetic optimisation, bugs as in unbearable bugs, undercooked in game systems.
    Just shows where the effort goes in making what aspect of game now.
    Iam sure bioware spent more time honing the way prospero talks in anthem before making the net code right.
    Those of you who don’t know, prospero is an npc in anthem that keeps telling you how badass you could look, how much “better” ur experience could be if u dealt with him.
    And where does the deal with him button take you?
    That’s right, the microtransaction shop.

  3. Fun fact: I have never spent any money on microtransactions or lootboxes and I’m proud I don’t. I can’t wait for EA to get Bankrupt. It will be amazing

  4. What I hate the most… Is that you essentially are not buying anything.
    When I buy a booster of MTG, at least I get a physical good with real value that won’t disappear once the next “update” comes around.
    While a lootbox is essentially printing money out of nowhere.

  5. I was worried when they said there’d be no loot boxes in Jedi Fallen Order; praying there will be surprise mechanics though!

  6. Games with lootboxes should see applied to them the same laws that are applied to gambling, because they are EXACTLY the same thing. If governments made laws for the benefit of people and not for the benefit of corporations, this would be happening already.
    Gambling is ruining videogames just as it’s ruining sports.

  7. If you want something chance-based in your game, fine. Just keep the real money out of it in any way.
    You get your cash shop or your full-priced game, not both.

  8. When EA mentioned surprise mechanics I had no idea they were talking about the never-ending shit show of surprises they keep pulling out of their ass to justify gambling in a game for 3-year-olds.

    When will it end?

  9. “They didn’t get him.”

    Well, i instictively want to laugh but i have ways to shut that shit down when the situation is too sad.

    (And someone should ask EA: “If meth was somehow legal, would you drop out of games and start selling that instead?”)

  10. @Jim Sterling, I hope you saw that story about G2A trying to bribe a professional journalist to run a fluff piece about G2A’s business practices. Can’t wait to see the video about that one.

  11. Ages THREE and above can play Fifa. THREE! For a game with gambling in it.

  12. Forget M ratings. They should put AO ratings on it because it has RL money gambling mechanics

  13. Another bold prediction from Jim Sterling! Watch out for it in the news, folks!

  14. Every time I hear/see the words “Surprise Mechanics”, I imagine you saying it in your sarcastic, nasally, high pitched voice

  15. At least Nintendo had the spine to stand up and admit that this whole scenario was wromg, and refunded the family. Gotta give them their due for that.

    And then there’s EA being wankers. Again.

  16. Remember when you could earn in-game items without loot-boxes? Pepperidge farm remembers.

  17. I have more respect for Cancer then for EA. And…

  18. That’s why they’re called surprise mechanics. It’s a surprise every time you check your bank balance

  19. Just have the ESRB give Fifa and other games with suprise mechanics an M or AO rating. Problem solved.

  20. clears out a family of 6’s savings.
    about £500 total lost.
    Worth remembering next time you see one of these stories and are picturing the victims as rich kids spending money the family can afford to loose.

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