kid in vr talks about living with rare disease

Cool kid in VRchat explains what life is like with the “butterfly disease”

Outgoing Hikikomori – Sweet Melancholy
Lateeya – Lullaby cover by Randy Gapasin
Bees – Loebach Music
Outgoing Hikikomori – The Birthday Party I Never Had
Sundown – Loebach Music

Aaron recommended this source to learn more about Epidermolysis Bullosa:


  1. If you wanna go say hi to Aaron or have more questions for him you can watch him stream at

    Keep up with the channel at and

  2. These Winnie the Pooh episodes sure are getting more mature these days.

  3. Shout-out to Aaron’s dad. So supportive of his son’s passions and challenges.

  4. Ok, this guy is an absolute legend. Keep on keeping on 🙂

  5. I will wrap him in bubble wrap just to spend time with him.

  6. 212 people who disliked have no soul or respect

  7. And they say social media destroyed the youth

  8. Thank you Syrmor for this wonderful wholesome content. Please keep it up. You will never run out of content or fans if you keep introducing us to new wonderful people.

  9. This is still one of the most wholesome channels out there.

  10. A Decent Human Being

    I need the location of the girl who spat on Aaron’s face

  11. watching this video made me tear up a bit its so lovely what a strong kid

  12. This kid… The only thing holding him back is his condition. If his disease were to be cured, he’ll be going places half of us will never get to.

  13. In VRchat you can meet some really crappy people or you can meet some really amazing people with some amazing stories.

  14. I’m crying while watching this. Thanks for the video.

  15. Symor, you are saving people’s mental state… Well not completely saving, there will have emotional damage, but you are bettering it!! Why? You are listening, not giving any pity words (which “weak” people like us don’t like), letting them talk and feel understood/comfortable. We need more unselfish people like you out there. We love you.

  16. I’ve got eczema, and I can definitely relate to the horrible feeling of being stared at and called weird because of your skin. Pissed me off when I heard the part where a kid spat in his face. Stay strong arron, your future shines brighter then theirs will ever be.

  17. Masinary - Random Games

    I would have followed this kid around if I was at his school beating the hell out of anyone who made fun of him.

  18. I used to get bullied a lot for 4 years of my elementary life. Since I was very close to my parents, I never was met with the outside world. It was practically me living in my own bubble. I used to be overweight and the tallest of the class, so I stood out a bit against the smaller ‘normal sized’ children. It was harsh because I count find any friends to fit in for a bit. There was a small group of girls, A was their leader. A was friends with all the other girls (there were two classes for the same grade, one for fully that grade and one for combo class). A bothered me a lot because I was overweight. Being verbally abused and hurt, I had almost no friends. I had a lot of classmates, but no one to hang out with at recess. I remember in 3rd grade where I wanted to play dodgeball with them and one of her friends yelling ‘A doesn’t want you to play with us!’ I remember being powerless because the teachers didn’t care. A was their special little snowflake, for 4 years. I told my parents that I didn’t want to tell the principal about it because I thought the issue would resolve quickly. But I was still mad… why didn’t anyone see how helpless I felt? Why couldn’t anyone realize I was not okay? I was really sad as I cried every night trying to make it pass.

    It’s been 4 years. I still despise A, she goes to my school still. I wanted to make up things with her, make her my acquaintance. She kept rolling her eyes or mumbling every time we were set as partners in class. I forgave her in text messages, she hasn’t answered. I wish I was better.

  19. Thanks everyone for all the support!

  20. Holy shit, I know that kid! I played Fortnite with him a few times!

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