Just A Pog In The Machine (The Jimquisition)

New year, new me, and an all-new Jimquisition for you to stuff down your stinkin’ gullets! This , we’ve packed four stories into one hot video, and I am very pleased with how an anthological Jimquisition turned out.

today’s blistering offering, we talk about the latest Cyberpunk 2077 chicanery, Grand Theft Auto IV, that new Star Wars game, and POGS! POGS POGS POGS! POGGERS!


  1. This video’s title and intro is peak Sterling and I’m all here for it.

  2. Very rarely do we get to see Corporations flat out throwing their employees under the bus.But rarer do we get to see the construction of the bus,the moving of the employees under it,and the subsequent bus running over them all in real time.

  3. Get the popcorn lads!

  4. Can’t you reshoot this but say “I’m the chuggernaut bitch” after taking that chug from the jug? Thanks in advance

  5. “We didn’t catch the problems in our testing….. which is why we intentionally didn’t let reviewers see the console version or use their own footage…. cause we totally didn’t know there were problems.”

  6. Still in love with the “Now that’s punk” graphic, keep it coming

  7. Everyone focuses on the bugs while forgetting that the game is nothing like they promised.

  8. “Seedy PR” is just so on the nose that it surprises me.

  9. 5 years of QA in this industry and not surprised at all about them being thrown under the bus. 🙁

  10. “Cyberpunk did not meet the standard on console”
    Oh yes, because on PC, it was just fucking *FLAWLESS*.

  11. THe fact that “Pogfucker” is not a “Poggers” emote option is a travesty and disservice on its own.

  12. The more years go by, the more this industry is starting to feel like they’re selling drugs to drug addicts. All this fan boying, hyping and obessing over a Main stream game is increasingly repulsive.

  13. Jim Sterling’s tombstone: Crunch is not a triumph of the workforce, but a failure of the management.

  14. Real talk: a playable female main character in GTA has the potential to be one of the best ideas they ever had.

  15. Can I just say, “Women can’t be criminals!” has to be the weirdest brand of misogynistic gatekeeping that seen in a while.

  16. It’s hilarious that the people in charge of social media are out of touch, considering they have all of the touch right at their fingertips

  17. some dudes will literally shit themselves in anger after finding out that a game will have OPTIONS to be more diverse. them losing their shit over playing as a woman isn’t surprising, but i’m so done with pretending like they’re not the real snowflakes

  18. Disney doesn’t give a shit about sexual assault and abuse, they have their own history of it they want everyone to forget.

  19. “Now that’s punk” is becoming my favorite running gag

  20. It’s Clem Time!!

    I think we all know that the “fans” that are complaining about a woman protagonist are just incels that have never seen or talked to an actual person.

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