just a dream… | Raft

I really hope this is all just a dream…
Get Distracted ►► https://open.spotify.com/episode/0n3I7jdURdbin5ZwwVuNMt?si=op-DJ5ngSMuuyBUA3KOi8g

Happy Outro ► https://soundcloud.com/hielia/minimusicman-crazy-la-paint


  1. The mysterious “other” role, also known as chef, farmer, crafter, builder, bird wrangler, raft defender, navigator, and organizer

  2. mark I’m not sure I want my vagina to grow any bigger than it is but I’ll still listen to the podcast 💀

  3. I like how mark mentions the Icard, but then doesn’t use it.


  5. 18:15 Finally the Distractable promo said by wade.👏 Bravo 👏 wade 😊 bravo Bellissimo old wadie boy👏

  6. Bruno let it go oo o😂😂😁👍

  7. Man I wish they made a Podcast or something where I can listen to more of their witty banter 😢 If only such a thing existed…

  8. can u pliz play madison

  9. You should build three separate rafts using the antenas. You can build out then place it and break the pieces attaching it to the boat. 1 for each lol.

  10. Day 68 of asking to look into/ possibly play the game The Isle. Please at look into it. Well we made it to 50 days here’s to hoping he’ll se it before 100.

  11. My favourite thing about the recyclers is it finally gives you something to do with the endless feathers you get from nests

  12. Can you do more exploring on the other islands besides working on the raft the whole time. 😊

  13. I know mark will never see this but for anyone that wants to play this game or is new to it, metals work best for the recycler in terms of efficacy, you can also put feathers in, and seaweed, and clams, which are all easy to collect and don’t have many uses.

  14. you should play a demo for a game called Endacopia

  15. I REMEMBER! That dabadabadooba wade is singing is from Aristocats it’s Thomas Omali the Ally cat song accept wade is only half right

  16. MEOW

  17. Hello mark idk if you see thes comments but how the heck do you get so much subscribers?

  18. Sigma is lower than alpha.

  19. This entire episode is just the three of them trying to speak english

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