Journey To The Savage Planet – I Want A Meat Buddy (Jimpressions)

Journey to the Savage Planet is a fun little game that looks a bit like No Man’s Sky and plays a bit like Metroid Prime. It’s also full of bug-eyed round birds that are kind of adorable, and has a cute sense of humor.

It’s a fun little game that I’ve been having fun with because it’s fun. How fun!


  1. That’s not true Jim, you can carry a tune quite nicely.

  2. It looks like a great game, but honestly I focused on nothing but the weird movements of the left hand

  3. This looks like No Man’s Sky crossed with that “The Valley” game that, sadly, no one played. I’m sold!!!

  4. I just want food, doesn’t even have to be meat.

  5. Reminds me of the Ratchet: Deadlocked cutscenes

  6. I swear every first person sci-fi game recently looks exactly the same, but I can’t complain because I’d rather have everything overly colorful than going back to 2008-style brown filters on every game.

  7. 6:48 That meat buddy was disturbing.

  8. Jim:”Who could argue with fun”
    Video: *shows Jims channels*

  9. Reminds me a lot of Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath elements in character and gameplay.

  10. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    This is why I love Jim, 0:07 The Dynasty Warriors 4 victorious ost gave me a huge wave of nostalgia.

  11. I’m getting heavy Outer Worlds vibes from this

  12. The Cornflakes Homonculus was born when you put cornflakes in the meat buddy machine, wasn’t it?

  13. I’ll get it when it’s on PC

  14. epic games exclusive? cant find it on steam sadly

  15. I wish I could unsee that meat buddy advert.

  16. Oh, look, I can buy this on Epic Gamestore, Epic Gamestore and even on Epic Gamestore, just everywhere I can also buy MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries from. Sorry, nope. Going on with Terminator:Resistence then. Thanks Jim!

  17. Soon as you said “It’s a bit like Metroid prime”, I started to notice the similarities. Metroid Prime is the shit, so yeah, maybe I’ll give this a go while I wait for Metroid prime 4.

  18. My only issue is that it’s an Epic Games Exclusive and I refuse to support them. Good game or not. Oh well, another game release put out another year yet again, same story as last year.

  19. Looks like a game I would enjoy as soon as it’s not only on EPIC store. I’ll pick it up when it hits GoG or the like.

  20. Was going to purchase and then found out it was only on the Epic Store. Sorry no money from me now.

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