Joker VS Sweet Tooth | DEATH BATTLE!

Two crazy clowns enter the arena, and only one will survive! Will DC Comics’ Joker have the last laugh against the violent champion of Twisted Metal?​

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  1. Mewtwo better not fight frieza. I swear

  2. xX- ZackAttack854 -Xx

    Next could you do Lara Croft vs Nathan Drake?

  3. It’s not going to be Frieza!

    Plot twist: Mewtwo vs Cooler

  4. lol I love how there is no fan rage for the outcome here

  5. Really hope they do Hulk vs Doomsday this season… That and Thanos vs

  6. DB
    1. Darkseid vs. Thanos
    2. Aquaman vs. Namor
    3. Hiei vs. Sasuke Uchiha
    4. Azreal vs. Moon Knight
    5. Akame vs. Ryūko Matoi
    6. Karate Kid vs. Shang-Chi
    7. Zatanna vs. Scarlet Witch
    8. Fei Long vs. Marshall Law
    9. Saiga Riki-Oh vs. Kenshiro
    10. Ichigo Kurosaki vs. Inuyasha
    11. Sesshomaru vs. Itachi Uchiha
    12. Black Canary vs. Black Widow
    13. Black Panther vs. Bronze Tiger
    14. Doctor Fate vs. Doctor Strange
    15. Ryu vs. Liu Kang vs. Jin Kazama
    16. Baki Hanma vs. Kenichi Shirahama
    17. Bruce Lee vs. Jackie Chan vs. Jet Li
    18. Hon Fu (Fatal Fury) vs. Maxi (Soul Calibur)
    19. Gladiator (Marvel) vs. Hyperion (Marvel) vs. Sentry (Marvel)
    20. Geki (Zyuranger) vs. Ryouga Hakua (Abaranger) vs. Daigo Kiryu

  7. Stuff And Things

    You could say that the last joke KILLED HIM!

  8. Tyrique Smith (Shadow Roamers)

    They did an amazing job of portraying the Joker. They really captured his

  9. jonathan Tavira- Alcaraz

    Still waiting on that

  10. Black Lotus Proxy

    Mewtwo vs Shadow? the two Perfect life forms?

  11. Let’s see how they give the joker the victory.

  12. Does anyone else want Ben 10 vs Beast Boy?

  13. I really hope the next fight isn’t Mewtwo vs. Freeza. With the guys planet
    busting abilities, Mewtwo would lose pathetically quickly. It’d be as one
    sided as Flash vs. Quicksilver.

  14. Please don’t tell me it’s Frieza vs Mewtwo, We already know Frieza would
    win, Especially now that he has Golden Frieza. It’s gonna be even more
    predictable than Flash vs Quicksilver.

  15. Please don’t be Mewtwo vs Freeza. That’s just a dumb one sided fight.

  16. I dispute that The Joker could have survived a giant-robot slap, but I do
    agree with the conclusion.

  17. Thumbs up if you want to see Galactus vs Unicron

  18. It seems people are expecting Mewtwo to fight Frieza, but I bet it’ll be
    Cell because they are both created by scientists for the soul-purpose of
    creating the ultimate being.

  19. Broly vs Doomsday
    Hulk vs Solomon Grundy
    Darksied vs Thanos
    Galactus vs Unicron
    Gohan vs Super Boy (Conner Kent)
    Tsuna Sawada vs Natsu Dragneel
    Haruhi Suzumiya vs Franklin Richards
    Juri vs Mileena
    Aquaman vs Namor
    Mster Chief vs Alcatraz (Crysis 2)
    Spider-Man 2099 vs Batman Beyond
    Samurai Jack vs Silver Samurai
    Asura vs Vegetto
    Kenhin Himura vs Afro Samurai
    Eva 01 vs Eren Titan
    and Sora vs Kirito

  20. I will say it every video… Afro Samurai vs Samurai Jack!

  21. Anyone else predict the winner because you know who the more popular
    character is in each match?

  22. Speed Racer vs Inspector Gadget

  23. mewtwo vs professor X. I’m calling it

  24. Eren Jeager (Attack On Titan) VS Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul) please!!!!!!!!

  25. OH WOW-Joker…won…okay come on, Sweet Tooth? This dude PAILS in
    comparison to the joker, why not someone like, Green Goblin? THAT would be
    a battle.

  26. Because somehow Joker would have been able to survive a giant robot
    smacking him 300 feet through a concrete pillar. I think the Joker should
    have won but he shouldn’t have been able to survive that.

  27. How about The Witcher vs Drizzt Do’Urden?

  28. Uh, couple things, ScrewAttack. First, Joker wouldn’t survive even the
    initial punch of that mech, I’m not even talking about smashing the wall
    and getting stabbed through a lung and a lower part of heart, which also
    kinda limits ones ability to talk as their lung is literally filled with
    blood, and any attempt at breathing would just fill their throat with it.
    Second, and you can correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think that Joker’s
    venom interacts all that well with fire, like the one on Needle’s head, for
    instance. Third, knowing Needle’s complection, wouldn’t he literally crush
    Joker’s throat before succumbing to the effect of Joker’s venom, resulting
    in a draw? I’m interested to see somebody answer this.

  29. Make James Bond vs Sterling Archer happen. I don’t care who wins I just
    want to see these characters interact.

  30. … and the winner is! Whoever is more popular, as usual!

  31. How about Kratos vs Thor? or something along those lines, I want to see a
    Death Battle between literal gods lol…

  32. The Bride (Kill Bill) vs Sonya Blade (couldn’t really think of a good
    opponent for the bride)

  33. I really hope that its not Mewtwo vs Frieza so since i’m not gonna be one
    of the people thinkiing it is im gonna say that its gonna be SIlver Vs

  34. so if its not frieza then that means if you cross out digimon and dbz since
    the characters their are to strong for Pokemon so who’s mewtwo’s
    appointment for the next DB silver?

  35. Reptile from mortal Kombat vs captain America

  36. OH MY GOD MEWTWO IS GONNA BE IN DEATH BATTLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. I bet Mewtwo will fight with Frieza in DBZ since they did that in One
    Minute Melee

  38. So… Is his name Needles or Sweet Tooth?

  39. mewtwo vs freeza awesome.BTW this death battle was wicked!!!

  40. OMG that was AMAZING you did really do alot of research on this death
    battle and the animations good keep up the good work

  41. Mewtwo vs Akira

  42. Yes! The Joker wins!!!

  43. One Punch Man vs Superman since they both are unlimited in their powers.

  44. I hope whoever Mewtwo is up against, he gets a win. Pokemon have had it
    pretty rough in DB, except for that battle royale.

  45. Gabriel McCormick

    He’s wearing a god damn mask, how the hell does that gas kill him?!

  46. transformers more than meets the eye

  47. I wanna see something like Yugioh vs Vanguard

  48. I’m just waiting for something involving Saitama from One Punch Man. I mean
    I know if they do him vs. Superman it’ll cause a lot of complaints and
    flame wars but he’s really the only anime character (or really any
    character) that could beat superman.

  49. 2.55 from which comic is that?

  50. Sweet Tooth would have won if he would have stayed in the truck. :/

  51. best death battle till now

  52. OMG, are we actually getting a Mewtwo vs Vegeta episode

  53. Christ, that’s two unfair fights in a row. A decent matchup if you please?

  54. juan francisco robles araiza 2 de la manguera cecilio 3,carlos 6

    OOooooh boy, here comes the most overrated pokemon ever!

  55. Yes! The person I rooted for actually won! The clown prince of crime
    retains his throne.

  56. still waiting on Dr. Faith vs Dr. strange, sub-zero vs iceman on lich king
    (WoW), capt. Falcon vs dredd Lobo vs drevus

  57. My guess is that Mewtwo’s opponent will be Frieza.

  58. Ehsan shahriyari

    why don’t you do saitama vs superman?!
    seriously this is the most epic fight in all existing superheros

  59. Can you please do Mewtwo against Freiza? Oh my gosh pleaseeeeeee.

  60. Joker TOXIN. Not Joker Venom. If the victim can be affected by simply
    inhaling it, it’s not venom.

  61. Mister Inevitable

    I would like a rematch of Goku vs. Superman, including Black Goku as an
    alternate version of Goku, WHO ACTUALLY KILLS, since you guys pull every
    incarnation of Superman for his pluses, but rarely his minuses. Forgot,
    they did Goku vs. Superman 2 because of views and money. Forget the fact
    DBS is still on going. But I forgot, they did it because of fans demand.
    Let’s forget about other Death Battles that’s been asked for years in favor
    of views. Still like the channel, but the bias at times is staggering

  62. ScrewAttack needs to start doing triple threat matches!

    Superman v Goku v Saitama
    Thanos v Darkseid v Apocalypse
    Wolverine v Deadpool v Hulk


  64. Please not Mewtwo vs Frieza; Mewtwo curb stomps him. Maybe someone like
    Metal Sonic? That could be interesting.

  65. Mewtwo wins, don’t care who he’s up against…

  66. The Two Can Gamer

    hey do you think Sato from the Ajin Manga/anime would be a great person to
    be in death battle. the question is, who should he face against?

  67. of course he gets out of the car so joker gets the chance to kill him

  68. If anyone can read this reply, old if the comment are getting through



  70. it’s going to be frieza

  71. Whatever be the vs… Mewtwo must win

  72. I’m calling Frieza vs Mewtwo

  73. Why mewtwo again? I suppose it wasn’t much of a battle last time but still

  74. Hope it’s meowtwo vs Angemon.

  75. Vergil Sephiroth

    I love Mewtwo, as he was a childhood favorite of mine, but if it’s against
    anyone like frieza, he’s hopelessly outmatched. Mewtwo doesn’t have the
    power to destroy a planet like frieza does

  76. do i phone vs android ??

  77. nathan drake vs indiana jones

  78. Commenting before watching the video, and there’s only one question that
    needs to be asked, I think; Is Needles Kane equipped with Sweet Bot?

    If not, I think Joker has this.

  79. Haha…..the Jokermobile lost its wheel. Very Cute lol

  80. You left out the version of Joker’s past where he is an immortal like
    Vandal Savage, and was known as The Pale Man who tortured and murdered
    people throughout history before he became the Joker in Batman’s time. It
    explains why he keeps coming back after every time he supposedly dies.

  81. Do ben 10 vs generator rex

  82. goku vs saitama XD

  83. Naruto vs goku

  84. I Love The Joker!!!

  85. GOD DAMN IT!!!! give us a Team Fortress Character Death Battle!!!!!

  86. Saitama v Superman cause we all know ScrewAttack is gonna find a way for
    Superman to win

  87. Sans vs idk

  88. They totally missed the opportunity to have the Joker vs Joker (aka
    Doflamingo) lol

  89. Buttons, eeny meeny miny,,,,, ALL OF THEM

  90. I disagree with the outcome of this battle

  91. Haven’t watched the video.

    Jokers gonna win due to popularity. That aside who the f is sweet tooth.

  92. Spiderman vs leo

  93. You guys should do The Justice League vs. The Avengers. Please that would
    be amazing for a season final or just another video. You chose

  94. Before I get to watch the fight I say sweet tooth will win.

  95. BlueDragon514 Ender

    Wow you are advertising audible to me right after I finish MistBorn on my
    audible app.

  96. kirito vs ichigo

  97. Phyrexian Juggernaut

    MewTwo already won, no contest.

  98. Where the hell was I? Damn, I should’ve kept watch on the screwattack

  99. Ben ten four arms vs goro from mortal combat.

  100. Hammurabi the awesome

    When sweet tooth walked out of his machine I was automatically like ok this
    is over joker gonna do something super weird and would totally down sweet
    tooth. In all the batman games Joker talks so him so batman doesn’t notice
    the danger so when they started talking I knew who won, plus since police
    came they will heal Joker’s wounds so he WILL live

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