Jimmy Fallon’s Best Clash Royale 2v2 Deck

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Jimmy loves playing , so in honor of the last day of , Jimmy decided to share his with you.

The Starring features hilarious highlights from the including: , music parodies, celebrity interviews, ridiculous games, and, of course, Jimmy’s Thank You Notes and hashtags! You’ll also find behind the scenes videos and other great web exclusives.


  1. I remember saying a joke about jimmy fallon being in a higher arena than me. TURNS OUT HE FUCKING IS

  2. Is he blurring out the names or is he on the developer build?

  3. My deck: Lava hound, baby dragon, prince, fireball, bomber, spear goblins, fire spirits, and zap… But nobody cares…

  4. I can’t tell if I should cringe at Jimmy or be happy he is playing and he said night witch was bad and snow golem silly Jimmy but still it’s was a fun video to watch.

  5. When your better then jimmy fallon at clash royale. XD

  6. That moment when you realise you’re better than Jimmy Fallon!

  7. I can beat your deck easily (I challenge you to a duel)

  8. He just called that poison spell a fish in french

  9. New this day was coming: Tonight Show channel turns into a gaming channel.

  10. Patrixs are for kids

    Anyone else notice that nickatnyte’s comment got deleted

  11. Literally all 4 players in that match sucked

  12. OMG!!! I Always watch Every episode from the tonight show I think Jimmy fallon is just super funny And I love his show I Also play clash royale I think its a really fun game to play with friends with the 2v2 mode And all And seeing that Jimmy plays iT as wel its… just… FREAKIN AWESOME your the best Jimmy!!

  13. The snowman is sooooooo OP at 4000+ rated players because they use it correctly can single handily counter elite barbs!


  15. You should replace your minion hoard with just the normal minions. By using the 3 minions, you are committing less when you place them. The normal minions can take care of balloons and unaccompanied ground troops like the knight and valkyrie. Also, when the enemy uses arrows it is an equal elixer exchange. This change will decrease your average elixer cost a well.

    (edit) Another thing that i would suggest for him would be to replace his prince or dragon with goblins, archers, or skeletons.

  16. I am a level 10 with lower level cards than him and I am at 4200? ?

  17. Won a 1000 ppl tourney this morning…. It hurts me to watch this low skill gameplay ?

  18. “Throw the bat witch” -Jimmy Fallon 2017

  19. Michael Kowalchuk

    Awesome Deck, try Hog Freeze at some point too, you think you wasted money? I spent $400 to get sparkey right after it came out. lol

  20. You sick ass all those card you said suck are great suck my ass

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