Jeff Kaplan: the consequences of toxic behaviour

thanks jeff.

subtitles available.
how come a company as large as can’t hire a dedicated team to handle reports, so that other new content doesn’t get delayed? perhaps we’ll never know…

likely to be another video following fairly shortly. critics are calling it “absolute shit” and “irredeemable garbage”. stay tuned!

A big thank you to all my generous supporters:
Jamie McCluskey
Zahir Merchant
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  1. “not even a team of 6 pro mercy mains can resurrect this community”

    my fucking sides

  2. I love these xD

  3. This is so good, i laughed way too hard! GG

  4. “lean out the window, and you know OPEN FIRE”

  5. This Was The Best One Yet 😀 Been Here Since You First Started Overwatch Videos ?

  6. Silentnanner overwatch

    you have t-rex arms jeff!

  7. PogChamping before i’ve even watched the video

  8. love how they put widow as the cover of it wtf is that suppose to mean for widow mains

  9. Well, looks like I’m going to Overwatch hell then!!! XD

  10. These edits are getting better and better. Great job dude 😀

  11. “stop driving on the sidewalk you monster” omg dead

  12. These videos are the cure for cancer

  13. Not even a team of 6 pro mercy mains will be able to resurrect this community. Lol


  15. Aleksandra Zaryanova

    God I’m dying of laughter

  16. You can just activate your ult and fly the fuck away

    Which is exactly what I now do as a new Mercy main, lmfao

  17. I want Daddy Jeff to spank me and then make me choke on his Lijiang Tower until I pass out ?

  18. How to avoid the toxic OW community.. Option 1: Stop playing.

  19. “Why aren’t you healing why aren’t you healing, well now you can activate your ultimate and fly the fuck away”.

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