I’ve been Banned from Fortnite (I’m Sorry)

I’m sorry


  1. Mystiq Sweden_japan

    Who loves Jarvis

    Like Jarvis

    Comment Kay

  2. I’m reading all my comments today and I love you guys so much you all don’t understand how much I appreciate all your support❤️❤️❤️

  3. Unban him rn bc he doesn’t deserve this
    Like if u went him unban

  4. Modern warfare: so where did this lead you, back to me

  5. “You’re still looking at at least 47 years, Tekashi”

    Tekashi: y’all know Jarvis?

  6. “It’s the end of the world as you know it”, as the song goes. Seriously, though, there is a good possibility that life will get better for this fellow if this event gets him away from the computer and he goes outside to see sunshine.

  7. He put the crying clips in there for sympathy and in hopes epic would unban him ??

    • @Tparkerrr Fortnite under EVERY hat comment u post this he used aimbot and thats banable so its COMPLETELY fair he is banned

    • daredevil06 Gaming channel

      @FuZionGaming that people in front of movie cameras have lives and they make effort with their work. I’m not saying these fortnite players put no effort in, but I’d say that actors deserve more money because they have to put a LOT of time and effort into the makings of movies. For example Rami Malek spent over 5 hours per day, not including work at the movie set practising for Freddie Mercury. That is what gets you money. Swearing and shouting in front of a GoPro while shooting someone with a tactical shotgun doesn’t actually give you money. You don’t deserve the money.

    • Why is he crying can he just make a new acc??

    • Ya Boi Ree facts hahaha well that’s what you get it was obvious tbh

  8. ThatOneRetarted Guy

    Jarvis: Idk what to do now.
    Minecraft:Dont cry sweetie,we got your back.

  9. Use me as “i’ve only come to see him cry” button

  10. Another cheater who acts like a snowflake when he get caught ?

    • Nick Hunter stop riding him he was cheating doesn’t matter if he if didn’t mean to or not

    • isra davalos ??

    • do you not understand how getting caught works getting caught implies you were doing something you werent supposed to and trying to hide what you were doing but then someone finds you or sees you doing the act you were trying to keep hiden jarvis didnt hide the fact he was using aimbot since he made a video for gods sake if he was trully trying to get away with hacking you’d think he’d get rid of all evidence and also not record the video in the first place

    • @GoatSoup if im being deadass it litterly doesnt fucking matter if a bunch of little timmys get their game ruined in pubs
      1.its fucking pubs theres no money on the line who gives a shit
      2.epic has done way worse then an aimbotter can in a few games
      3.epic has litterly ruined everyones games not just for the little timmys epic ruined creative pubs and competitive fortnite and on top of that they even ruined peoples lives so who the fuck cares if a pub match is ruined they litterely let someone cheat them out of 50k and ruin someone life and chances of getting that life changing money and you know what epic does ban them for 2weeks and let them continue ruining more matches for people and also jackass hes banned from everything not just competitive he cant even play creative

    • Exactly, he ain’t sorry, he sorry he got caught.

  11. u did something that is against the rules and you got “fired” from your job, deal with it and welcome to the real world when stuff like that happens on daily basis.

  12. Jarvis: Banned
    Kay; That’s insane Jarvis

  13. Jarvis said “this was my first time ever cheating”.

    …kinda reminded me of…

    Chris Hansen’s “To Catch A Predator” when he was told the “this is my first time and I’ll never do it again” line…. and he’d say “yea, this is a line I hear a lot. So I’m catching everyone on the very first time they try to lure an underaged kid?” LOL

  14. Just play another game and move on with life

  15. I understand your upset but even content creators have to been treated the same as everyone else.

  16. Jarvis: *Hacks*
    Jarvis after the ban: *Shocked Pikachu face*

  17. You don’t need to read TOS to know hacks aren’t allowed. You are a tool and got what you deserve.

  18. You’re 17 crying cause you got banned on fortnite how sad is your life lmao

  19. AshTailGaming Entertainment

    *Gets caught cheating*
    what an epic gamer moment

  20. Jarvis : *exist*
    Aimbot video : I’m about to end this man’s whole

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