It’s Time To Just Die Already (Squirty Play)

Hey friends, wanna die? It’ll take some doing, considering these elderly folks can survive without a head!

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  1. This game immediately opened with “I’ve fallen… and I can’t get up!”

  2. Алексей Логинов

    Im gonna wait for the end of the video to like it… I’ve heard youtube algorithm may judge instant likes as non-legit.

  3. Sterling wins… another game I bought because of them ^-^

  4. Ending up as a de-torsoed pair of legs due to spontaneous bee attack at the end of your fish rampage feels like the only way this could have ended.

  5. It’s still better treatment of the elderly than the UK government…

  6. Sirprize McAnic

    Ahhhh. I love the ol’ Squirty Plays. Tickles my nostalgia stick.

  7. all of this commentary could be put over commander sterling wrestling clips

  8. 14:06 That guy pushing her off be like, “It’s over, Grandma! I have the high ground!”

  9. Travis Montgomery

    BAHA the guy shoving you into the mine field couldn’t have been planned better.

  10. “I think we don’t have time to play this properly.”
    I’m pretty sure fucking around and causing pure chaos IS how to play it properly

  11. It’s actually weird and wholesome to see Jim enjoying a video game Lmao I’d love more of this content tbh

  12. Morpheus Imhotep

    I gotta admit, I laughed the the entire time at this

    This feels like it’d be a fun little time waster from time to time. Sorta like Goat Simulator. Playing it only sparingly as so the the gag doesn’t wear thin

  13. Mad PhantomPixels

    Starwars is basically like this, a bunch of geriatrics running around with glow sticks.

  14. I wasn’t expecting a Fresh Prince reference with her being thrown out, but I should have.

  15. “Don’t stand near a minefield when you’ve light-sabered a construction worker” words to live by.

  16. Jim: This is so stupid

    Jim: …actually this is pretty damn funny

  17. You unintentionally recreated that Austin Powers “car stuck in a tunnel” meme 😂

  18. “it would be a shame if someone pressed Q or E!” Love it.

  19. When you get the light saber: “not just the men, but the women and the children too!”

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