It’s Just Cosmetic (The Jimquisition)

The episode we all knew was coming. The Jimquisition at last smashes into the “It’s Just Cosmetic” argument with a bulldozer.

Many will defend certain types of microtransaction loot box by claiming if they sell only cosmetic DLC, it’s fine. Cosmetics “don’t affect gameplay” and therefore anything goes.

This is rubbish. Cosmetics absolutely gameplay, to argue otherwise is to heap insult upon games as a medium.


  1. Is there nothing else goin on in the games industry? Seems like most of the latest videos have been about micro transactions/lootboxes and such

  2. Great video. Never stop bringing up the bullshit.

  3. Overwatch in particular is just stupid to use as an example of “it’s just cosmetic” for defending paid loot. The entire fucking game highly relies on its art direction and detailed animation/sound design. The only reason it even works is BECAUSE of th cosmetics. If Overwatch came out and wasn’t as tightly polished art side, people would just play Paladins it’s baiscally just Overwatch with less refined visual direction and also free. Also, adding achievements for aesthetics is basically a mini game. In my personal opinion, Ow would be miles better if skins were gotten by preforming certain actions. Frankly, it seems like a fucking waste of talent to have all these top tier animators having their work wasted on a cut and dry match with a community that’s hideously unappreciative of the art involved. Just saying Blizzard has cultivated one of the most art ignorant communities I’ve ever seen, in no small part to WoW and it’s abysmal reuse of its own ANCIENT assets.Seriously man. Fuck Activition Blizzard for actually making it okay to not care about hard work.

  4. You focus on “It’s just cosmetic” as an argument that means it doesn’t matter, therefore nothing cosmetic in a game matters. I think that’s a bit of a far reach, I think the “It’s just cosmetic” argument really pushes “It doesn’t affect gameplay”. Of course it affects how you percieve one another and adds variety and people enjoy looking different ways. So yes, cosmetic stuff is just like any other DLC, except that if you own a skin and I don’t, my gameplay isn’t impacted by that. So in theory it’s easier to deal with / ignore.

  5. This fucked industry is making me cry like a apple.

  6. Old Theme + New Intro = Weirdest Boner ever.

  7. “Make the bad guys cry like an apple”

    – Reggie the Anime Fan, 20XX

  8. Hey Jim you remember when Activision and Neversoft released Spider-Man back in 2000 and you could unlock costumes in game that actually changed how you played the game. I certainly do

  9. 6:35 Well, Jim, at least it’s nice to see you have some fine taste when it comes to Overwatch Porn.

  10. This is something which has been brewing for a long, long time – it didn’t start with overwatch, or hearthstone… It started with the very first deck-builder card game which thought of selling the cards you need to play in small, randomized packages, rather than as a complete set. Popularized by Pokemon, Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh, to name but a few, the escalation into the digital world – where you aren’t even given the respect of something you can *keep* beyond the point at which the popularity fades and the servers are shut down – was inevitable. Fuck random rewards. Full stop.

    As for “It’s just cosmetic” Am I supposed to be thanking you for not locking away gameplay critical items and buffs? Whatever happened to using cosmetics to *reward* talented or dedicated gameplay, where a different skin meant “I have *achieved* something” rather than “I have money to spend”? Get some self respect, AAA developers. While you’re at it, get some for the people who enjoy and respect your games.

    Thank god for Jim fucking Sterling. Keep calling them out, shout loud enough and maybe someone will hear.

  11. I’ll stand by this forever: If a multiplayer game is free, then any _cosmetic_ microtransactions are acceptable by me.

    _That is the only case this is acceptable._

  12. Please Jim, talk about how GTA5 online has become an absolute grind with paywalls and “starter packs” that costs more than the actual game itself.

  13. The All in one gamer

    why advertise “next-gen graphics” when it’s just cosmetic?

  14. Do cosmetics matter? “Fashion Frame is the real endgame of Warframe.” Just read this statement and ask that question again.

    Fun Fact: The devs are making the final room of your ship into a fashion dress up room. This was the biggest community request. Cosmetics matter!

  15. Activision Blizzard was quick to condemn and mock Battlefront 2 to try to get people to forget that they’re massive crooks, too. Destiny, seasonal items in Overwatch, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, even WoW! They deserve as much scorn as EA!

  16. Its the same arguement for and against overwatch as last year
    – All lootboxes are shit
    – But its just cosmetic
    – Its still gambling
    – But you don’t have to buy it
    – This is just the companies greed
    – But blizzard adds free dlc
    Nothing is going to change

  17. After seeing this, the _only_ reason I can still somewhat defend Blizzard with Overwatch’s lootbox system is the fact that it’s honestly not that hard to acquire them by simply playing. However, I do agree that lootboxes as a whole is still a problem, and is therefore not against the idea of stop using them entirely, even in the Blizzard way.

  18. Laborious details are best details.

  19. Chugada Cheese Gaming

    I really hate how devs are now using “No Micro transactions!” As a selling point.

  20. Strelok Audio Design

    I see tons of people that comment on their gambling addiction, it goes to show how much of a big problem it is.

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