It’s A Christmas Miracle.

Subsribe and like if you want.


  1. Dat peaceful music

  2. Sorry to be a party pooper but you didn’t do anything , they just ignored you like monkeys (they had around 20 seconds to kill you and end)

  3. Braum autos you once and you lose btw

  4. gj twitch

  5. wahts the music

  6. honor this man

  7. is this on NA server? because i have never seen 5 people dumb enough ignoring the guy attacking them

  8. sorry, but thats not a “play” they just ignored you while you just slowly killed them…if they turn on you you die in 5 seconds and its over…lol

  9. wow, one of the greatest comeback I’ve ever seen!!!

  10. lets see, braum and ornn completely ignore you while their already low hp teammates die to you while also ignoring you. Was the “play” suppose to be you hitting a bunch of target dummies?

  11. ornn and ezreal open, wat.

  12. I mean our second clashgame was alot closer yesterday 2 times to 1% nexus by Jax Tp

  13. En busschaufför?

  14. I Fucking love Clash so fun

  15. aaaand now im asleep. thanks

  16. What’s the music called?

  17. damn Twitch with the save! wp to him!

  18. Blue is the color, football is the game theme?

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