Is THIS The Future Of Gaming?

I tried showing some google stadia gameplay of Destiny 2 and was surprised by how lag free it was.

Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”.


  1. *watches Jack play Destiny* – “Ah yes, connecting to destiny servers, welcome Jack”.

  2. KCMA Animates or Gaming, whatever

    I love the fact that Sean has Nicholas Cage in his living room

  3. I hate Stadia and their stupid 15 second ads I can’t skip -_-

  4. Google: let’s make an Amazon Fire Stick but for gaming.

    • Except for the fact that Google released the 1st gen Chromecast more than a year before Amazon released their first gen Fire Stick….

  5. So if the stadia is bad, we can’t blame jack bc he got paid ?

  6. I have a hard time believing that he has slow internet.

    • @Zodiac011 Yeah he lives in Brighton, UK atm. Back in Ireland he had fantastic internet, but now he has only 50 down 20 up, big ooof.

    • He’s probably very rich and probably invests in the best gaming equipment to do let’s plays, fast internet included for online experiences. I can’t imagine he has slow internet like us mortals do.

    • @Michael H
      He said he has had only 50 down, 20 up ever since he moved to the UK. Back in Ireland he has fantastic internet of 240-300 down and 90-100 up. (He’s getting better internet soon.)
      He’s complained about the internet before- and that’s why I know.

    • Dylan Tharas nigga you be lookin like a potato stfu

  7. Video: is sponsored by google
    Also google: DEMONETISED

  8. “Throw a grenade at him”

  9. They gave his account priority speeds considering everyone else hates stadia

  10. Here’s a twist, Google sends Jack the only working Stadia and gives everyone else the broken ones…

  11. Hippity Hoppity You're On My Property

    “The future is now old man!

    I’m the old man…” – Jacksepticeye 2019

  12. Sean: choses warlock
    Me a voidwalker for 4 years: huzzah a man of culture

  13. You have bad internet but there’s no lag?

    Something’s fishy here.

    • @Justin McDavitt People with bad internet have smooth gameplay while others with perfect internet have lag. Yes the inconsistencies will be their downfall if that keeps up.

    • @Cortex_v2 The thing is, I don’t believe the inconsistency is a problem Google can fix on their own. I think it’s something that ISP’s have to be forced to help fix as well

    • @Justin McDavitt Whether it’s their fault or not. This is what will deter many from using it. A normal console which they probably already have will not be a problem to use.

    • Im sure he had (check his twitter, already changed) bad upload speeds and judged his whole internet by slow youtube uploads. Probably has 50Mb download or something in this video. Jack, i d recommend that you say values instead of “bad”, your bad can be a dream in some countries.

    • For the record, you only need like 20mbps maxed out for the video stream to play without buffering, factors such as distance to a google server, the consistency of your internet, packet loss and just generic mean ping times are the things that affect ‘lag’ past that point

  14. when jack turns his hat hat around he turns into a whole different person

  15. I wonder why Jack has anything good to say about this….Oh yeah he’s getting PAID by Google

  16. This just sounds like an emulator but with extra steps

    • Agreed. I don’t like it. If it was the capability to do the streaming from my own pc to “anywhere” over the internet with the same low latency lag then perhaps it would have been a fun extra accessory to bridge a gap. Currently I see PC + Switch as the optimal combination for games (Disclaimer for the sensitive people out here: Personal opinion). PC for the heavy and serious stuff and switch for the party games and portability. Streaming stuff someone else owns is something I don’t quite trust. What happens to mod support on Stadia? There were “no installs” so I’m guessing there is no access to installation files so no custom mod possibility. If mods get added it will probably be some curated list of mods.

      Basically I have a lot of questions, no trust and I see very little usefulness for it.

    • I don’t think this is anywhere near future tech. The average person’s internet is nowhere near fast enough to get this quality. I remember trying Playstation Now, and it was a complete joke. I was either playing a powerpoint presentation or a 144p nightmare.

    • loud squeal wow your internet must be pretty slow, playstation now runs fine on my ps4

    • @Lars Tallinger I think we’re better off with Parsec for cloud gaming.

  17. The “I’m getting paid to only talk about the positives” vibe is real. Seriously he seems a little too excited

    • @Martin Verrisin I get that you’re being positive, and no hate, but there absolutely is a positive to owning your games.

      Want to play offline games? You need a connection to stadia, and I’m sure cellular data’s not even gonna get you 30fps.

      Suppose you get IP banned or lose your account somehow? So long, games you paid for.

      If they could pull this off better, I definitely wouldn’t be hating on it, but full streaming imo isn’t ready yet. Google is probably the best company to do this, because of their strong servers and wide amount of platforms, but since it’ll require good servers to do this, no other company will be able to do the same thing, and google will have a monopoly

    • @Inkymation Oh, I’m absolutely not saying Stadia is doing it right. Nor, that this will be perfect or good. Just that buying games is not something to fight for, if there is a better, possibly rental, system. – First: We don’t _actually_ ever buy games: We buy lifetime license to play the game, and to install it on our HW. – (The game is still owned by the company, and usually it’s even illegal to temper with it’s files.)
      – If instead, there was a service, that lets you ‘rent’ the game for an hour (instead of buying lifetime pass) they can be much cheaper, AND: if some game is popular for a long time, they will have income source for maintenance, sequels… (certainly better than microtransactions, or so)
      – The service would then
      — Of course, tracking playing time is complicated, but ‘played at all this month’ is too coarse, so who knows what would be optimal, but something along those lines…
      – To prevent losing money: You will be billed monthly for games you have had ‘activated’ that month, and nothing else.
      – Obviously, i’s not perfect, because the system is abusable… but so long as they don’t have monopoly (or oligopoly), it can work reasonably well.
      – Also, if they ban your account: you will never be billed again for any of the games, so they will certainly not want to do it more than necessary.
      – Losing account is irrelevant: it’s the same as losing a bought game – just don’t do it. (in fact, losing a game is easier)
      – Not having to buy expensive gaming PC would save a lot of money, but of course: I’m not sure streaming will ever be good enough… (lag wise, etc.)

    • @Martin Verrisin I would just prefer something like the nes online for switch online. You pay a monthly fee to get an updated library of games. Instead, the pro version only gives you access to a few (old) games, and the rest you have to buy still

    • Is it illegal to be excited about something?

    • @Blitzer No, but for someone who’s played the switch, the novelty really isn’t that cool, and destiny 2 is old. He basically can’t share any negative thoughts if he’s sponsored

  18. Jack: gets google stadia

    Destiny 2 servers: I want to end this mans whole career

  19. Youtube: puts this in trending

    * Obama giving obama a medal*

  20. can i get 10,000 subscriber without videos

    “This was brought to me by Stadia themselves.”

    Stadia ad plays

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