is this the end of Fortnite?

Fortnite has ended… or has it? Fortnite season 11 or fortnite chapter 2 was meant to start today after a live event that happened. Ever since then fortnite has kept a black hole on everyones screens wondering if this really is the end. The fortnite servers are not down, this is intended

Epic Games – Fortnite Battle Royale


  1. do you agree that this is a publicity stunt?

  2. Nobody:
    Me after hearing this: *disco intensifies*

  3. Giorgos Maragkoudakis

    Every comment to this comment section
    “Gone, reduced to atoms”

  4. 256 subs without video

    So fortnite died but it revived all the thanos memes?

  5. Fortnite: Reduced to atoms
    Everyone: *Happy noises*

  6. Everyone fails to kill Fortnite

    Fortnite: Fine, i’ll do it myself

  7. Fortnite ends:
    Freddie from iCarly: YEEESSSSSSSS!!!

  8. 2019
    Minecraft: Respawns
    Fortnite: *Gone! Reduces to atoms*

  9. “Everyone was on twitter”
    i never use Twitter though

  10. Fortnite : *Goes down*

    7 year old’s : *Bravo 6 going dark!*

  11. Fortnite: shuts down
    Moms Everywhere: let’s party

  12. JT: “They are 100 percent going to be back”
    Me: *Damn it*

  13. Nobody:

    The whole fortnite community right now:
    ⬛️⬛️⬛️ ?

  14. Fortnite:*dies*
    Adults when their kids are on the megatron and they don’t do fortnite dances anymore: Finally _inner peace_

  15. Fortnite:ends

    Children to their parents: *you can rest now*

  16. “Where’s fortnite?!???”
    “Gone. Reduced to atoms.”

  17. Minecraft comes back
    Fortnite dies
    Me: yeah it’s all coming together

  18. Fortnite: *dies*

    *[Everyone Liked That]*

  19. Fortnite: *Dies*
    Minecraft players: It’s free real estate.

  20. “Fortnite dies”

    Moms: I see this as a absolute win!

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