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  1. Fun little jump scare at the end

  2. Unlikelycomet Gang


  3. How should I be able to watch the wonderful youtube original show ‘In Space With Markiplier’, if there is no link in the description?

  4. Something about Mark’s commentary and Iron Lung’s gameplay makes it both a funny and terrifying video😭

  5. Mark, subnautica below zero is fully out, you should play it

  6. Stacy! T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me

    The fact that mark is doing all these nautical and math things all while tired is impressive

  7. Event Progenitor

    Honestly i love this when you do it as a team, thou not as relaxing like the car wash simulator.

  8. Malte Baumann Christiansen


  9. Seeing lixian cameo again make me happy

  10. Can ya’ll agree that mark is our favorite youtuber ?

  11. Yeah this is Five Nights at Freddy’s, Youtube.

  12. Okay so I think the SM13 was used for teleportation and stuff like that but it went wrong and transported those stars and planets somewhere else and it would explain why mark randomly teleported twice


  14. Nice to see a big youtuber playing this underrated masterpiece!

  15. mark what happened to your hair-

    you look like a 1960s heavy metal singer

  16. How is Mark literally the most competent Iron Lung player I’ve ever seen?

  17. Why does it always feel like when you start getting 8 hours of sleep you’re suddenly more tired than ever before?

  18. Mark needs a longer break

  19. I’m gonna finish the vid later cause I wanna have the full immersion and my headphones died so I can’t has that

  20. Mark is back

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