Iron Harvest – “Tech & Controls Demo”

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Here are some impressions from our internal Iron Harvest “Tech & Controls Demo”.

Setting up all the systems correctly takes a lot of time. But a strong base is crucial for an ambitious like Iron Harvest. We’re looking forward to show you guys real gameplay in the upcoming months.


  1. soundtrack?

  2. Love it guys, keep up the hard work! I know for a fact im going to pour hundreds of hours into this game when it comes out! Happy New Years!

  3. Looks good! Good luck making multiplayed 1v1. I’m looking forward to alpha/beta access

  4. i havent been hyped for game for a long time, i hope this game reach his objectives and even more, i am looking for playing it

  5. This looks like Steampunky Company of Heroes copy with its own twist. So yea, freakin’ awesome 😀

  6. Howdy! Do you have an estimated minimum specification for this game yet? I need to know if I’m going to have to upgrade my rig in order to play.

  7. Looking to be the game that brings in a new generation of RTS games. Can’t wait to play it.

  8. This game has the potential to be the RTS of the decade…

  9. I am wondering what kind of RTS game this is going to be? Is it going to be like say, Age of Empires style where you have a base you build up, resources you harvest, and then units you make and research to get newer/better ones?

    Or is it going to be like say, Myth? Where it’s focused more on combat and not base building/resources. Where you have objectives and you have to lead your troops through a level to accomplish the goals for that mission.

  10. Looks really nice, definitely buy it.

  11. Das schaut sehr gut aus. Macht es wie Blizzard und polished es bis der Arzt kommt dann könnte es ein großer erfolg werden!

  12. 0:45 arghh… this is kinda what I was afraid might happen with them following CoH.. units standing practically point blank and still missing or barely taking damage. Really hope thats something that changes.

  13. I love destructible environment in RTS games ! Great job.

  14. Will this be capable of being modded?

  15. Is this art yours or is it a placeholder?
    I’ve been using it as a wallpaper for a really long time! Jakub Rozalski is awesome, is he your concept artist? If he is I might just HAVE to play this!

    Game looks awesome, keep it up!

    edit: holy crap he is thats amazing

  16. Is there C&C style base building? Because if there is I’m very very interested.

  17. Will the game have base-building?

  18. good old COH with LSD trip? hell i’m in ! i hope there will be multiplayer with a lot of guys splited in 2 teams with extreme limit of units so every player will be forced to use CC to help team to win the game =Ъ

  19. Please,do not dump down the standard depth and complexity of an RTS game for the sake of consoles,this game looks amazing and it should play like that as well.

  20. Валеран Релик

    Age of Empires 4 sucks balls compare to this masterpiece

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