Insomniac Live – Spyro 3 Speed Run

We brought in Speedrunner Extraordinaire Jeremy to play Spyro 3 with Ted Price, Brian Hastings, and John Fiorito! A very special thank you to Jeremy for joining our stream and showing us all the amazing secrets in Spyro!

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  1. Hay my dudes are you guys excited about the Spyro reignited trilogy ?

  2. Thank you Insomniac Games For making amazing game’s

  3. It’s really cool hearing all these insights from the developers about the unused and removed content in the game!

  4. Yeah I’ve got to admit the controls glitches were all mine 🙁
    Great to see people still loving this

  5. Amazing. I bet it’s weird to watch your game get destroyed like this. I have such fond memories of this game. It’s fun to see someone who has put so much time in it, and who clearly loves the games…. I just wish he would clarify that when he says “broken” he doesn’t mean it as a negative. Looking forward to the remake!

  6. You turned it into Crystal Meth Islands!

    But I have to say: wow. I knew some of these bugs were a thing, like swim in air and zombie mode, but I’ve never seen them implemented like this… incredible. Thanks for taking one of my favorite games to play as a kid and showing just how much it can be broken.

  7. this was great

  8. *Sees the hidden tunnel with a butterfly inside* “Oh… someone forgot to put a breakable wall there” 😛

  9. Wait am I seeing this right? Is the game industry actaully paying attention to the fans. Shows their awareness of how their games are still played is honest.

    Speedrunning feature in the remake? Yes please.

    Leaderboards…. oh baby

  10. Thanks Insomniac. I enjoyed this.

  11. Lol, I like how the couple of devs they got to sit in were mostly speechless and straining to remember all they could, given what roles they had in development. In their defense, this wasn’t just almost 20 years ago now, but it was almost 20 years ago when, just a year after Spyro 2 they got out a third and (for them) final game in one of the best 90s platformer trilogies. I know many folks (myself included) debate on what the best Spyro game is in the original trilogy, but nostalgia-wise, Spyro 3 was for me the best time I had on the PS1 as a kid, alongside klonoa and Tomba! 2

  12. Nice one Jeremy

  13. Was completely worth watching this live. I usually don’t care about livestreams, but it’s nice to have a chance to get your questions answered or push for questions you’d like answered, at least.

    Glad they gave us all a little bit of trivia about the Spyro series. I mean, now we know they never intended to create a Spring homeworld in Spyro 2.

  14. Now I absolutely want to see them look at Xem beating ratchet and clank any%

  15. Congrats Jeremy! And thank you Insomniac for having speedrunners on your livestream! ?

  16. I love the developers reactions

  17. Azrael the Grumpy Hedgehog

    Spyro the Dragon series is an awesome series thank you guys for creating it

  18. Incredible work! Amazing skips and great insight from Ted, Brian and John. Would love to see more of these videos; the double jump is gonna blow their minds even more when they get to Spyro 2.

  19. Man, as an aspiring game dev, one thing i’m looking forward to are speedruns of my games. I find it so fascinating just how much the player community invest itself to break down every single aspect of a game!

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