Inside the Backrooms – Family Friendly Happy Rainbow Video

I had to re-upload this because youtube age restricted the last one. I took everything that could be considered offensive. This platform isn’t it used to be. I’d appreciate it if you guys watched this one again if you can :,)

Please Ignore or flag spam, negative, or hateful comments. We’re here to have a good time. Thanks everyone, and enjoy :]


  1. I have been watching these guys since the age of 7 or 8 and now in 14 do the maths

  2. Wa sports

  3. Hahahaah

  4. youtube buggin fr

  5. وردة صباح

    Ayo the 9/11 merch?

  6. I love this great, family friendly content! 😀

  7. bannedfahim no edits ever

    Veri family friendly approved by the parent comitte

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