Injustice 2 – Ninja Turtles vs Batman All Intro Dialogue

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Injustice 2 All dialogue between Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and BATMAN


  1. You fast wit it

  2. Beetle even snitched on the Turtles?

  3. I know it’s hard for the devs, but the recycled intro lines really bug me.

  4. You already have the turtles?

    *I’m green with jealousy :'(*

  5. Thank god they didn’t use Michael Bay’s turtles.

  6. OH SHIT! My boy Donnie bout to start spittin some mad dead parents jokes Batmans way.

  7. There go Jaime snitching again

  8. Bats ~ “Everyone has a weakness.”
    Donnie ~ “Had to dig Batman, but I found yours.”
    Bats ~ “show me.”
    Donnie ~ “…Martha.”

  9. batman: and here I thought the rats in Gotham were big.

    master splinter: and here I thought bats could fly.

    batman: I don’t need powers to beat you.

    master splinter: you didn’t say that when that guy was mugging your parents.

  10. Justice Lord Batman

  11. If ya look at the wheels on Micky’s skateboard they still spin for a second before slowing down, love attention to detail

  12. “Hey, Batman, save Martha!”
    “I need you to take this seriously!”
    “No way, dude. It’s classic!”

  13. 2:59 MARTHA

  14. Even the turtles have a good facial animation

  15. In case people don’t know why TMNT made it in the game, way back when TMNT still did black and white comics there were some comics of TMNT working with Batman.

  16. 2:40 Did Batman just make a pun?

  17. Even though batman’s lines were re-used, they still fit in with this really well.

  18. Batman’s seen so much shit that he doesn’t even care to question why there’s a talking human sized ninja turtle trying to fight him.

  19. – I want answers!
    – Helps if I knew the questions, Batman
    – Let me enlighten you!
    *Tries to beat up Mike without asking questions*

    Is Batman the worlds worst detective?

  20. The intros were spot on here! They actually had an interaction as oppose to saying the same lines over and over again like them fighting games back in the day.

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