Inauguration of Donald J.Trump 2017 – INAUGURAL BALL

Watch Live – The 58th Presidential Inauguration
Watch Live : Presidential Inauguration of Donald Trump & Mike Pence (Friday, January 20, 2017)
Donald Trump Inauguration Day

The Inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States – Presidential Inauguration Donald Trump

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  1. She is too good for Trump!

  2. Connie Gomez-Valdes

    uh oh that’s a song of death


  4. Connie Gomez-Valdes

    VP pence has the right dance move for the music. he is so cute and honest

  5. We will always be governed by the extremely wealthy.

  6. Love this day, it will go down as one of the best in our nations
    history…..just wonderful

  7. If the Trumps can get through this day, they can do anything!!

  8. what the hell is this music thats playing

  9. Wow we have a very pretty and elegant First Lady, like Jackie Kennedy.

  10. “I ate it all and spit it out”???Fuck kind of lyric is that??

  11. Christ.. I’d practically want to kill myself after all this crap.

  12. Yes trump GOD was looking down on your inaguration and parade, and he
    protected you and fam. you did it!!!!! we did it my president trump!!!! GOD

  13. New STARS are born ! Let’s forget the old onces!!!

  14. President of normal people!!

  15. From Marah To Elim

    first lady that is a former nude model, a lot of firsts

  16. is there any better recording? MAGA DJ TRUMP

  17. Who is the artist at 50:50 could not get the name. He is so adorable! If
    everybody smiled like that the world would be like … WOW!

  18. Y’all just elected The Mad King and Tywin Lannister ?

  19. 2:31 Look at VP Pence keeping that rhythm!! Go Pence! How cute!

  20. Mediocre fete for a president

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