Imps, The First Boglin Puppets In 16 Years (Boglinwatch 2017)

Taking a look at the Imps, handmade by bro-bro Tim Clarke!


  1. Fantastic video like always. So grateful to you man. Please fuck my sister some time…

  2. Boglin imps. Blimps.

  3. The BFG Guarantee

    Well, Jim continues his spiral into boglin madness. As it should be.

  4. Reaven Veaceslav

    I love how into Boglins you obviously are. It’s so adorable and wholesome to see you excited about this <3

  5. I used to know a girl called Lynn Bogg
    Her name appeared as Bogg, Lynn on official forms…just a fun little Boglin related chuckle for you guys and gals.

    (please note: none of that story was true)

  6. Remember when we all thought Boglinwatch was just a symptom of one of Jim’s frequent mental breakdowns? Crazy to think it’d grow to become one of the most popular Boglin-based review shows on his entire channel.

  7. NaneelQueenOfDarknes

    They are the boglins who say, kneep!!!

  8. What would Jim do if someone made a Boglin video game? Would it be a Jimpressions video or a Boglinwatch video? These are the important questions the Boglinwatch community needs to be asking!

  9. I love the video. Keep the best series on youtube going!

  10. That little green guy is adorable. So cute.

  11. These boglins look much more comfortable to fuck.

  12. Justanother fancy screenname

    Why do I always get sucked into watching Jim’s Boglinwatch updates, when I do not even like Boglins. But for some reason I have to watch every episode till the very end. What kind of Witchcraft is Jim Sterling using.

  13. is tim clarke working on the new dark crystal? I hope so since he worked on the original one, so he would know what he is talking about.

  14. Jim’s mind crumbles a little in every BoglinWatch

  15. J.B Strangetrousers

    I’m harder than ever before, and it’s all thanks to this video.

  16. ever episode this becomes closer to a surrealist art project.

  17. “Your can get your fingers up their and make the mouth move!” Jim you are a dirty boy!

  18. Well thats enjoy strange for today 😀

  19. It’s popular in this house jim. keep it up

  20. Never stop Boglinwatch, it’s art in its purest form

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