I’m Not Applauding Sea Of Thieves For ‘Just’ Having Microtransactions

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won’t have , it’ll “only” have microtransactions. Seeing people applaud that feels a little… off.

Source article: https://www.pcgamesn.com/sea-of-thieves/sea-of-thieves--microtransactions
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  1. Screw Microsoft for allowing Sea Of Thieves to have microtransactions in the first place. THIS IS DISGUSTING!

  2. So what you’re saying is their statement is “only cosmetic”?

  3. Like winning the least evil person award at a super villain convention.

  4. Initially I was like “But Jim, I thought you were sometimes okay with mictrotransactions if the game is free to play!” and then I was like “Wait this is going to cost $60? But… but it looks like a FTP game. This looks like an MMO…”

  5. *sigh* Yet another 60 dollar game with micro-transactions…That’s another one down the drain. NEXT!

  6. “Rare plan to support Sea of Thieves for the next decade” Destiny had a 10 year plan and look how that turned out.

  7. A indie game getting microtransactions haha

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  9. The Inconcievable Glueman


  10. Sea of Thieves, how apt a name

  11. Microtrasactionsoft

  12. Can we please just go back to when we got stuff by earning it through gameplay or entering some buttons and not by throwing extra money in.

  13. “It’s just cosmetic” sounds too much like: “it’s just something you used to get for free” for me to accept it as an excuse for micro transactions.
    Cosmetics aren’t that hard to make so why should we pay for them? You wanna put fluff content in your game, do it for free. Yup, it doesn’t affect gameplay, so why did you spend time and money making it instead of more gameplay content? On top of that, why do you want me to pay you for making this content that doesn’t add any new value or content to the game? If you want to waste your time and money making stuff like that instead of real new content, fine-but don’t expect me to fund that hobby for you.

  14. But Jim! They’re not called microtransactions! They’re called “reoccurring player investments”!

  15. Thank God for Monster Hunter World.

  16. Come on Jim, we get microtransactions are shit and we all agree. Can you move on to another subject?

  17. To be fair, and I could just be wrong. I’d rather have microtransactions where you can pick to buy what you want, instead of spending way more on random drops. I spent so much money on SWTOR random boxes ($1500) that I had to cancel my credit cards.

  18. It wouldn’t really surprise me if they just say that they don’t have loot boxes and instead have “Booty Boxes” that are exactly the same … but piratey.

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