If Riot actually implement voice chat

I just cant wait for to come, it will inspire us to communicate, and plan strategies much easier

–Voice Pack for Gordon Ramsay–
I’ve packed up all the sounds into the according locations for each action (IE dying to the enemy, or getting a double kill), however after replacing the current announcer pack with my custom one, it does not work in game, it doesn’t play anything, no animation if I’ve killed someone, and no sound. If anyone knows how to fix this issue, it would help me get the Gordon Ramsay announcer pack out to everyone but either way i’ll be attempting to figure it out

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  1. I know a lot of people wanted the Gordon Ramsay Announcer Pack, and I’ve been working on it, I’ve finished packing all the sounds into a WPK file, however ran into a problem, when replacing the original announcer pack, nothing is being played in game (no animation or sounds on triggered events), I’ll be attempting to fix it

  2. this vid actually deserves more views, great job 😀

  3. wow… I can’t wait for voice chat!!!!

  4. You forget the kid calling everyone a “nigger” every 2 minutes

  5. I’ve been saying that we shouldn’t have voice chat for five years.
    This video has finally convinced me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we *need* voice chat.

  6. i don’t understand why people say “voice chat would be to toxic in league” but many many many other games can have it just fine? why can’t league??


  8. Imma subscribe just so I can see my faggot name on your next video

  9. what’s the song right at the start ?

  10. the funniest league video i’ve seen

  11. need more ”niggggerrr”

  12. I was a new sub, and I didn’t receive my fruitcake. ?

  13. I subscribed to you, am I getting a Fruit Cake? :p

  14. Came from reddit nice vid man!

  15. holy shiit this is golden

  16. Holy shit that ending.


  17. You seem to fail to grasp that toxic people are shy aggresive little weebs. They wouldn’t be on voice chat, they wouldnt be talking

  18. the old fiora icon, the horrors please make it stop

  19. happy that you’re growing 🙂

  20. Get carried , get carried, idc get carried

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