Idiotic Bill Proposes 10% ‘Sin Tax’ On Violent Videogames To Stop School Shootings

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Yeah, this is a logical route to take when trying to prevent mass murder, right? A stupid bill, put forth by an imbecile, proposes a 10% tax on videogames rated M or AO, with the money going toward security.

Yet more scapegoating and grandstanding from politicians who don’t want to really fix a problem, but look like they give a damn.


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  1. Oh god of course it has to be PA. I hate my home state.

  2. Absolutely disgusting. Just further demonizes a medium that has been proven NOT to link to violence.

  3. I believe there might be a…
    Sintax Error

  4. When you live in PA but are also only 30 minutes from a Walmart in Ohio.

  5. This is ridiculous legislation, who in there right minds would think this is the proper way of dealing with this subject.

  6. Oh thank god, back to basics.
    The golden days with angry mums and puritan politicians.

  7. It’s the year 2019, can we not blame video games for violence?

  8. Something tells me that a look through this idiot’s campaign funders would reveal something quite interesting indeed… **cough cough** weapon lobbyists **cough cough**

  9. How about a 10% ‘sin tax’ for “greed, sloth, gluttony and deceit” for all -thirdrate- politicians, huh? Surely with that amount of money, we can actually finish Star Citizen!

  10. nice separation of church and state, even called “sin tax”

  11. Hmmmm… games available everywhere… school shootings… consistently America. Yep. Definitely games.

  12. More people play game in Asia and most of them are violent . But why school shooting only happen in America ?

  13. That bill will be PASSED straight into a shredder.

  14. “Games promote violence”

    Uh ok… but you know what else does?

  15. America, a country in wich basically everone and his dog can buy and own a gun rather easily, blames videogames for violence.
    Pointing the irony in this out is like saying “Water is wet.”

  16. 50% sin tax for any game with microtransactions and I’ll get on board.

  17. Jokes on them…
    Currently the trending violent video game that kids enjoy is fortnite…
    Good luck taxing a free product

  18. I played a lot of Roller Coaster Tycoon as a kid but I didn’t end up running a theme park.

  19. Law makers: “We need to put a tax on violent video games”

    Common sense: “Excuse me, wtf?”

  20. Are they going to tax violent movies and shows next?? I watch Attack on Titan, but I don’t go flying through the air with sharp blades cutting beings down now do I!? No I don’t!

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