I TEA BAGGED GRANDPA! – Texas Chainsaw Massacre


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  1. SHowing grandpa the authentic chinese TEA bag

  2. Love it. Oh long johnson, oh creepy forest fire, is such a weird thing to say. He says it in a tricky tower video and Cartoonz keeps asking him, what the hell it means. I’ve gone back to that video loads of times

  3. Take a video about this , The world is now ruled by one community of people, the world Satanic elite, you can also call them the committee to meet the Antichrist and prevent the 2nd coming of Jesus, Trump called them the deep state, at the moment it consists of about 10,000 people, the main ones there are Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Windsors, Baruchs, they, their ancestors, descendants and other people who enter there have the mark of Lucifer, which, if they bring the antichrist and do not allow the 2nd coming, they will receive eternal life after the x hour, and the rest of humanity, for all the time that they have lived, they won’t get anything, so all people should know about the existence of a world government (Jesus who was a The Prophet of God, not God.God will send Jesus as a reward to humanity, if humanity deserves it, for this it is necessary to fight Lucifer and his elite)

  4. Can we get a let’s play series on Baulders Gate 3 or Starfeild. Watching you play these games would be amazing

  5. I know for a fact they didn’t patch the out of map glitch. I know because I was doing it last night to mess with the family 😂

  6. I love you H20 keep making these fun videos you have a bright future ahead of you ❤️

  7. Day ummm 7 i think of asking delirious to finish far cry 5

  8. Tbh, I’m not sure if this is a horror game based off a movie or a comedy game based off trolling😂😂

  9. You TEABAGGED Herbert H20 ? lol

  10. ….well I said guys😂
    Also dang got 16K more subs on the channel he plugged at the end

  11. Love the Texas chainsaw massacre series he’s been doing I’ve been playing more bc of delirious

  12. Wow, the tea bag is real😮!!

  13. Tamara Tatum-Broughton

    Delirious on tabs there is a secret unit on spooky maps that the item for the secret only appears with two people left there will be a lamp

  14. in order to make the games outer map look real. They cloned google earth and then built the game around it.

  15. can you do some more among us plese

  16. H20 the glitch still works i tried it and it worked so you can still get out of the map

  17. CODloverandrdr,gta,DL1,saintsrow,watchdogs,fallout

    Ding fries are done

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