i survived

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  1. Markiplier speed running medical problems

  2. I’m so, so glad you’re okay Mark! You and Chika 💜 Please stay safe

  3. I love that, stumbling with style

  4. Lmao when Mark said “Don’t scream! Don’t blink!” I started screaming and blinking compulsively. 😂😂😂😂 Luckily I was home alone. Mark always gives me fodder for laughter.

  5. glad the dogs are fine

  6. Jumping all around the place

  7. So glad the pregnancy went well! It feels like it went really fast

  8. Good job surviving the COVID
    Had it myself awhile back and can confirm, 0/10 would not recommend

  9. Ooh a bamboo labs x-1 carbon 3d printer in the background of that video

  10. My entire family got it twice and I still haven’t gotten it once

  11. 15:53, Mark just teasing us about how funny the video he hasn’t posted is and all the other videos.

  12. tsukasa is the evil baby

    “Trending on 3 in gaming”

    This is how important you are too mark 🥺

  13. Jonah ᴛʜᴏʀ Kiehn

    I hope I SURVIVE. (I would. I’m GREAT at survival. I’m a survivalist).

  14. I had covid too a few month ago even with vaccines but thankfully it was very soft. Glad you are ok aswellas Chica. Poor girl.

  15. I think we can confidently assume chica now has dino legs

  16. I’ve had covid three times despite having vaccinations and wearing masks. I worked in fast food and random people really try hard to spread their germs around as much as they can. They act like a cat marking its territory, spraying their covid all over the place and then look at me with disgust for wearing a mask like i’m the freak. Nah. I quit. Unless the restaurant pays me 30$ an hour for combat pay, then i’m not doing it. If there’s one thing I learned from the pandemic (which still very much exists btw) it’s that people can literally ignore anything even if it’s a stinking rotting corpse. They don’t care. It’s not their problem. The ground can crumble from under their feet and they would still pretend like everything’s fine. The world can literally be on fire but everything’s fine. Zombie’s roam the streets, but it’s not their problem. This world needs a culling and the Earth will provide one.

  17. Imposter Syndrome 10/10

  18. I got covid because my mom just got back from vacation in Hawaii and got me sick, this happened a week ago and it was my first time having covid and it sucks ass, the worst part is definitely the back muscle pain and not being able to sleep

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