I sneaked onto Rebecca Ford’s orbiter and GOT DESTROYED FOR IT

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not again


  1. -Gwanox- ORANGE_AMERE


  2. Ho0ly crap 1:09 damn son she went IN!

  3. hey look its space mom and grumpy daughter having a great time

  4. Rebecca needs more noggles

  5. 1:02
    Third line from the bottom

    She is asking for more Mag. Gotta please her, right ?

  6. Lol….

    Steve’s ship huh… Beards too much beard.

  7. but shy it’s 2018, mag is so last year… you need more zephyrs

  8. This video should be called ‘developer tests new cephalon’

  9. Hot damn, space mom really needed that vacation.

  10. now we know why there is the apostasy prologue, to greet shy as our new adopted mother


  11. Mom’s cheating! She has a monopoly on all Lotus action figures.

  12. Cookie gliph best waifu

  13. Now we know why space mom left

  14. Imagin it, having Cephalon Shy in the game, interacting with her and getting roasted for existing…
    Getting reputation from donating Mags.

  15. I NEED those space mom line of action figures.. does it have an r18 version?

  16. What if Rebecca is Cephelon Shy…?

  17. At some point Shy is just going to belong to the Dev team, where she will inevitably -delete- rework Mag.

  18. Can’t wait for the glyph bug to be fixed.

  19. *Reb:* I see we share taste in hot wheels flame decor
    *Shy:* WELL SEE
    *Shy:* oh god
    *Shy:* the noggles
    *Reb:* Many beautiful Noggles
    *Reb:* Hand crafted from orokin cell
    *Reb:* Dating back to the 24,000 great art era
    *Reb:* You mean fine art museum, an excusable typo.
    *Shy:* >_>
    *Shy:* its so dark too
    *Reb:* I see with my heart.
    *Shy:* ok
    *Shy:* thats just cheating
    *Reb:* This is the mom line of action figures, for cool moms.
    *Shy:* gib one
    *Reb:* sold out, limited edition
    *Shy:* <_< *Reb:* I had to stand in line at walmart for 4 hours before open *Shy:* no fish *Reb:* I baked you cookies though *Reb:* There are fish *Reb:* Do you not see big Cuthol *Shy:* i do not *Reb:* Ah he is not replicated aka he is scared of you *Shy:* bugs in warframe take points off YOU btw *Reb:* Have a cookie *Reb:* Which one do you want? *Reb:* left/middle/right? *Shy:* well now *Shy:* look great *Shy:* any of them edible *Reb:* All are, what one do you want? *Reb:* left/middle/right *Shy:* the midlle one *Reb:* om nom nom *Reb:* it's gone you ate it *Shy:* ITS NOT *Reb:* IT'S GONE ON MY SCREEN *Shy:* another bug, points off you *Reb:* HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO ROLE PLAY A COOKE VISIT *Reb:* IF COOKIE REMOVAL IS NOT REPLICATED *Shy:* I DONT KNOW *Shy:* BLAME SCOTT I GUESS *Reb:* THAT IS IT, SHY MADE ME QUIT DE *Reb:* breaking news youtube video *...Reb visits Shy's ship* *...* *Reb:* Due to lack of offerings *Shy:* dont drop it on my carpets *Shy:* also dont feed the rabbit rats *Reb:* I won't *Shy:* good *Shy:* keep wild life wild *Reb:* This is pretty *Reb:* Is this an original? *Shy:* :3 *Shy:* uh yeah *Shy:* I WOULD BE *Reb:* Esimated value p300,000 *Shy:* BUT MY ART ISNT IN THE GAME *Reb:* i appraise art on the side *Shy:* sold ******Shy:****** i can use more mags *Reb:* Knock knock *Shy:* best warframe creator glyphs cover the walls *Reb:* Wierd why is yours up? *Shy:* OOOOF *Reb:* Is that a bug? *...* *Reb:* All are equal *Shy:* THIS ICE CREAM OPTICOR FREAKS ME OUT *Reb:* I can't see it so uhh *Reb:* Stop making things up *Shy:* so rate the ship *Shy:* i would say 10/10 *Reb:* Strong architectual innvoation *Shy:* indeed *Reb:* With symmetry choices reflective of the Corpus Renaissance *Shy:* ...right *Reb:* However a distinct flair for original art and high value paintings *Shy:* dont say these things dk's lore-filled head will explode *Reb:* We'll give this a 10/10 since it's the first ship i've visited *Shy:* I WIN *Shy:* EAT THAT INTERNET *Reb:* so i have no one to compare it to other than my own but my own is perfection andbeyong grading and scoring, infinity/infinity *Shy:* no you saw steve's ship *Shy:* and it was HORRIBLE *Reb:* It's cruel to make fun of children *Shy:* oof *Reb:* so we can't grade his *Shy:* u spit straight fire today *Reb:* LOL

  20. Rebecca was sweet when I played with her like… 4 years ago? Glad to see she’s still got her smile :>

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