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Outtro song: By SpacemanChaos: https://apple.co/3K67gpC
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  1. Reginald Mustard Bacon

    Brush me *proceeds to squat for brush*

  2. Is that a shark eating a cheeseburger

  3. “I know, FEEl YOu” 6:17

  4. Hahaha,, so goddanmn funny =)

  5. 0:24 Mini Ladd when he’s in the sewers like Pennywise.

  6. When they were hiding I was so triggered from the fact they didn’t even bother to stay still to conceal themselves even a little bit I was about screaming lmao

  7. H2O your better then VanossGaming

  8. Fantastic video

  9. This video is giving me flashbacks to 2016

  10. @vanoss in the title… the quest for views is a simple one XD

  11. The older these guys get, the more you hear the milk in your audio from all the milking of the gmod genre…
    Can’t believe I used to find this funny

  12. Oh my god, the trolling H20 Delirious did at the end with Nogla was so good! Trolllirious had taken form and trolled all over the place lol XD.

  13. Day 6 of getting h20 or vanoss to talk to me

  14. Yo play the final season of the walking dead

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