I Played New York Rat Simulator

🎵 Outtro song: By SpacemanChaos!

#H2ODelirious #Delirious #VanossCrew


  1. bruh this game is so sexist all the npc is guys

  2. I love everything about this🤣🥰

  3. George Washington

    DBZ in Fortnite 👀

  4. Can’t wait for squirrel with a gun.

  5. Play more of this! 💙

  6. 黒い人新鮮な

    Some people play this game in real life

  7. Imadudewhoisjustadude

    Hey Delirious can you finish far cry 5 with cartoons please!

  8. 清美狐KiyomiKitsune


  9. Lol why you playing 6ix9ine simulator? 🤣🤣🤣

  10. Drop 4th video of scary game

  11. This reminds me off the rotating rat meme I love it.

  12. Delirious is my favorite YouTuber!!!🤣

  13. you know when cartoonz played the cat now delirious is playing the rat :3

  14. 6ix9ine’s fav game frr

  15. Ratlirious is the finest rat I’ve ever seen. I am not a big fan of wild rats, but I’d let him bunker down in my home whenever he wants.

  16. Loved this video


  18. This kinda makes wish someone would make a fan survival and evolution game of Parasite Eve as you play some the monsters and you can evolve and transform body parts to in something like this even thou I know there games like Prototype the get to chaotic to fast feel like a game like parasite eve monster survival be a little less chaotic

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