I plant 20 000 000 Trees in Minecraft (Not Creative)

I plant 20 mil trees epicly in minecraft now go donate: https://teamtrees.org/


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  1. Pewds: “Queue the montage”
    Me: gets ready to see 20,000,000 trees to be planted
    GETS AN AD….

  2. **plants 20 million trees**
    **goes back to old save**
    RIP trees

  3. Pewdiepie: What should i do? All my friends are dead

    Me: PusH Me To ThE eDGE

  4. Beetroot: *kills Pewd’s friends*

    PewDiePie: Push me to the edge, ALL MY FRIENDS ARE DEAD.

    FeigE: Plant 20,000,000 trees.

    PewDiePie: ;-;

  5. Photosynthesis be like: “aight imma head out”

  6. Radioactive Bukethead

    everyone: he doesn’t know what he’s doing haha
    pewds: makes a functioning machine
    everyone: ?

  7. I love how he is suprised about the party he made 30 seconds ago for himself

  8. “Bonemeal”
    …which is better?

  9. Pewdiepie: “YOU’RE USELESS!”

    Sapling: **sad sapling noises**

  10. 100 Million subscribers with videos

    Felix: “If Sven dies, the series is over”
    Also Felix: *Laughs in multiple save files*

  11. Humans: *Planting 20 million trees to stop global warming*

    Felix: *Planting 20 million trees without leaves*

  12. *”when you Realize The series is not a*
    *Minecraft series anymore its a story”*

  13. Pewdiepie travels through the quantum realm to save his friends.

    Beetroot: “I am inevitable”
    Pewdiepie: “and I…. am……..BACK”

  14. Pewdiepie: Advertises himself on own videos
    Also Pewdiepie: Gets money from self advertisements
    The entire YouTube company: *Wait that’s illegal*

  15. “When i was a a tree planter i would do this in Rl”


  16. Katariina Golubtsov

    Me:haven’t watched any episodes since sven was drowning
    me now: confused

  17. Joaquin Alejandro Capili

    I felt like Minecraft isn’t the same after Sven and Jöergen died.

  18. pewds: “were gonna need a lot of fricking smicking plicking here.”

    *he* *is* *speaking* *the* *language* *of* *the* *gods*

  19. “I like things that are hard.”
    Felix 2019~

  20. Pewds: **plays minecraft*

    His overpowered pc: *lags in low graphic quality*

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