I Can’t Believe A Developer Tried To Kill My Channel (The Jimquisition)

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his weirdly mysterious PlayStation exclusives, Gilson B. Pontes is a legend among aficionados of terrible videogames. Sadly, it turns out he’s just another bad dev with no tolerance for criticism.

publishing a video on Gilson’s latest mess, I received a strike. And another. And another. It soon became clear Gilson, in retaliation for me saying his awful games are awful, was trying to kill my channel.

Obviously, he failed, but he came close. YouTube, for its part, tried to play no part. Not until the lawyers were threatened. It’s only thanks to my platform and resources that this channel is still here. So let’s talk about this whole sorry display.

Also, Gilson is a fraud.


  1. I have been waiting for this video all week. Imagine if we lost this channel 😭

  2. Okay, those start sequences of fucking dreadful commercials are just getting better and better and better.

  3. PokemonRangerBoy12

    Waited for this video since I heared all the news about Jim Sterling vs Digital Homicide 2.0!

    Edit: 18:16 the fact that Jim even threatened Youtube themselves with legal actions to the point where youtube reinstated their channel…THAT is a pro gamer move right there!

  4. The Comic Platypus

    Sterling’s lawyer comes up so often he should be in the credits

  5. KyoshiLonehearted

    Youtube: “Be prepared to go to court!”
    Sterling: “Okay let’s go.”
    Youtube: “Oh..well, shit. You win.”

  6. Ah, sorry you’re on your own with problems we’ve created… you’re what? Lawyers? On us?!? Uhhhh videos are back up!

  7. Will we revisit the “Activision fires employees while giving Bobby another bonus Part 2 or 3” later this week? Or will we hold off on that for another week?

    Either way, it is asinine that we are revisiting this situation and how someone really thought they could abuse the system because they can’t take criticism.

  8. Lawyer: “It’s not worth pursuing this further”

    James Stephanie: *withholds Gilson’s porridge*

    Lawyer: 😑

  9. How does he not realize YOU’RE probably responsible for any sales he makes. No one really would have heard of him if not for you.

  10. His games look like the games people make when they’re learning how to make games. Like the ones that are supposed to stay on a hard drive in some college or university and weren’t made to be released.

  11. Why do I feel Jim has stumbled onto a money laundering scam, 1 game each year, released in Q1 just before tax year cut off, all really shit and in a quote ripped form “The Producers” the IRS does not look into a flop. They are probably really pissed that Jim is raising the profile of the games and shining a dangerous light on them.

  12. The delivery on “I was having a productive week” is _such_ an ADHD mood.

  13. When some unknown, tacky, asset-flipping, con-merchant “developer” compares themselves to Orson Welles in an IMDB page they wrote themselves, that’s when you know they have major delusions of grandeur.

  14. Damn, it seems that Gilson actually takes himself seriously. What a world.

  15. Youtube “Be ready to go to court.”
    Sterling:*Ready to go to court.*
    Youtube “Okay okay you win!”


  16. Zipcodacary Scott

    Hey Jim, I just wanted to let you know that while I’m not trans or non-binary, your confidence and openness about yourself has helped encourage me to explore my more feminine side and dress how I’ve always wanted to, so I just wanted to drop a little thanks!

  17. [Jim Sterling gets YouTube to stop being such pricks for a single iota of time]
    You are a Legend and I salute you.

  18. Plot twist, Gilson is actually Digital Homicide and they are getting revenge after all these years.

  19. Super Game Master

    Don’t forget eveyone, if this was a smaller content creator that was being sued and abused, they would have no chance of surviving.

  20. Gilson B Pontes is clearly running a money laundering scheme that he’s afraid you’ll dig up. Obviously Gilson B Pontes is a fake persona for someone who google translates their language to English… but who are they really? And why does Sony show them such support? We need a documentary exploring this shit.

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