Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity – Breath Of The Wild, But Probably Better (OMGH)

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Another Hyrule Warriors game is coming and it’s… a prequel to Breath of the Wild? Weird but… okay, I’m on board.

Despite my goofing, I do like Breath of the Wild. More importantly, I like its world, but it was held back by a ton of frustrating decisions that soured me more than it should.

Hyrule Warriors, however, is a game I completely adore. Marrying the concepts might not be a bad idea at all…

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  1. The Devil’s Fursuit…?

  2. You get to play as Zelda. Enough said.

  3. One of the first thoughts I had when seeing this trailer is “Jim is going to be ecstatic!”

  4. This game looks freaking cool, means that if botw 2 is a bust then this should be great

  5. I’m so early, my weapon hasn’t degraded in durability yet.

  6. Jims master sword is running low on power.

  7. Can’t wait for Jim’s 10/10 review for Age of Calamity.

  8. We all know Jim is thirsty for more Dynasty Warriors.

  9. I honestly can’t wait to play this game.. the idea of being able to play as Mipha is a big win for me. lol

  10. Nekroz_Of_Super_Dora

    I wonder if we’ll get to play Kass or his teacher. A bard character would be cool

  11. The Insatiable Mr. Dong

    “Well, this game, and the 4 fan fictions I wrote about it already”

    Me: only 4?

  12. I’m still waiting on a new dynasty warriors Gundam game. They missed ps4 comp

  13. This would make the first console Zelda trilogy. That in itself is interesting.

    I feel this is a really good idea. The Calamity isn’t something that would work in a traditional Zelda game, but a huge war with heroes fighting hordes of enemies is perfectly suited for this gameplay style.

  14. Spoilers: They all D I E

  15. If it’s from the team behind Dynasty Warrior 9, I can see Link’s Master Sword being sold separately.
    I mean, did you see what the DID to Zhang He ??

  16. Well, Dynasty Warriors used to be good until they did what they *did* to Zhang He…

    But this one looks great so far, so can’t complain.

  17. 0:52 “Its like they took the idea of Dynasty Warriors and made it bad, which until now has never been done.”

    You say your joking, but your clearly talking about Dynasty warriors 9

  18. This game looks so good it might even get a 7.5 out of 10!

  19. Most youtubers: Excited because it’s a breath of the wild game!

    Jim Sterling: Excited because it’s a warriors game!

  20. “The one that does the licky mouth”

    Ah yes, tingle. Lots of licky……gira-who?

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