Hunt Down The Freeman – Shitty 17 (Jimpressions)

This might actually be among the worst games I’ve ever had the misery of playing.

The fact they want $24.99 for this broken ripoff is just the semen the cake.


  1. Did anyone expect this was going to be good?

  2. The most depressing thing is that this is probably the closest we’ll ever get to a Half Life 3…

    EDIT: Also, I’m curious, what exactly is the legality of all this? Surely this game would have to be Valve-sanctioned right? Do they not give a fuck about their IP?

  3. Praise Gaben amirite

  4. Christian Neihart

    Oh Valve, how you have fallen.

  5. The Inconceivable Glue Man



  7. Porn SFM videos are animated better than the ones in this “game”.

  8. We used to think we’d be getting a Half Life 2 : Episode 3.

    This is what we got. :life:

  9. did you try and crouch jump over the rails my boi

  10. Gameplay looks more dynamic and less time wasteful than Metal Gear S*urvive, I’m not shitposting.


  12. I like the idea of a HL game set in the 7 hour war, especially one made by somebody who knows what they’re doing.

  13. The Wolf Princess

    $25 for this? Games from 20 years ago are better than this. Also, I think this game has committed one of the golden sins of horror games with the wobbly camera when running.

  14. If it were just a normal mod, everyone would (kinda) like it.

  15. Strelok Audio Design

    if it was just a f ree mod it would not be a problem, why the hell is this thing a game on steam for 25 bucks????

  16. I miss Steam Good Stuff. I miss Best of Steam Greenlight trailers. I miss Steam Greenlight.

    I genuinely miss Steam Greenlight. ?

  17. So… Do you hunt down the freeman at any part of this game?
    Cause i am not gonna play it to find out.

  18. Alexander Yordanov

    This is not worthy of being called a mod. Mods are things like Underhell, Research and Development or even Call of Chernobyl. This is an aberration.

  19. Jomaster The Second

    More like *Gulp Down The Semen.*

  20. For those saying crouch jump, that was among the things I had tried and no dice. This footage is from after I’d lost my temper with it.

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