How Video Games are Turning into Movies

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The only type of video games non-gamers can start to get into are the ones that have hyper-realistic graphics. And then they realize they aren’t playing a movie and the disappointment begins to set in.

Want some more SOME NEWS, starring Cody Johnston?



  1. This was the best escort mission in a WHILE

  2. Some Video games are starting to focus way to much on story and graphics and in my opinion, it takes out all of the fun

  3. Indie games with stylized graphics are more popular than ever. Night in the Woods? Oxenfree?

  4. 2:54 … I’m stealing that

  5. Mass Effect and Jurassic Park are overrated as fuck.

  6. Norwegian Death Metal is the best.

  7. This is probaby the worst video I’ve seen all year. If I could withdrawl a view, I would. The next best thing is removing the brain cells dedicated to this crap which is not off the table for me.

  8. Depth and intricacy do not define good art. This video has a terrible message.

  9. i want to cut that guys carotid

  10. YES! Grim Fandango was amazing. graphics focus has ruined so many games

  11. There is a such thing as too many cut scenes. My favorite game producers is Bethesda and rockstar

  12. People who think graphics are the end goal of gaming probably play a lot of CoD. Dudebros, in other words.

  13. I just posted my video on How to Pick Up Babes!!!

  14. Art style > graphics
    I think 1080p is best with 60FPS

  15. yea fuck citizen kane that movie has bad graphics.

  16. You stupid games where already movies you can play for the next time I have

  17. I saw The Artist and I raised my hand.

  18. Graphics _do_ matter. They’ve always mattered and always will. But good graphics (computer graphics which are pleasing to look at) doesn’t necessitate realism. The games mentioned at 1:19 are all examples of that, and there are countless more.

  19. Does youtube just fucking handpick what they want on trending? 200,000 views in 2 days is not top 50 trending worthy… ContentCop getting 10 million views in like 2 days didnt get trending at all… crooked ass website

  20. Moot? That’s a reference to O’Brian’s show!

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