How to Use Charge After the Patch


  1. what really happen is:
    the first orge get killed as he hits the Minion instead of the hero. the

  2. I really want to see a boogie monster combo with this card. Could be pretty
    damn good

  3. I imagine you failed 3 out of 4 attempts when making this video :D

  4. Ogre OTK is back baybee

  5. well faced!

  6. Albert Kabíček Kabíček

    when i Will disenchant card, Will it give fulll dust Back?

  7. gg dude xD

  8. Holy shit how did I not think of this?

    Oh wait it’s cause I’m dumb as shit

  9. “Heh, this guys toast.”

    “Hey, lights out!”


  11. This is the first thing I thought of when I saw the patch

  12. “So if the face plays taunt – me still go face!”
    “If me cant attack heroes – me still go face!”

  13. otk is back boyz Kappa

  14. New strategy in the making here

  15. Me trade? NOPE
    Me go face? YEP

  16. Congrats on 100k subs! Great vid!

  17. Me can’t go face… me still go face!

  18. “‘Fun and interactive'”

  19. Well, this isn’t going to work in standard for much longer since Mogor’s
    Champion is going to be rotating out along with blackrock and league of

  20. Casual mode, 6 card combo with Thaurissan reduction, 2 50/50s. Seems legit

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