How to play Dungeons and Dragons in AltspaceVR

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Playing Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) in AltspaceVR is just like playing D&D in person. All you need is a party, a dungeon master, and AltspaceVR. If you’re new to AltspaceVR, you can sign up for a free account here:

To start a campaign or find a party, visit this page:


  1. Looks nice. Only complaint I have is you need to manually select the dice
    for every roll. Likely you’ll have a couple of moves you’ll be doing over
    and over. Perhaps have cups of dice for players of your common attacks.

  2. Does the lisp come standard with the game?

  3. Is Keanu Reeves too old to be in a movie version about this technology?

  4. Since Sword Coast Legends was a bust this is something I’m really looking
    forward to in the future! I honestly think this will catch on pretty well
    with the D&D crowd especially if the functionality is improved over time.

  5. This is awesome! Just found reason to fix my PC.

  6. interesting….

  7. That is some weak dice rolling.

  8. Is this free? (Not the Oculus Rift but the program itself)

  9. Is this 5th only? I am still playing 3.5ed.

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