How To Get To Goron City

Well.. this is I got to the city at least.
Zelda Breath Of The Wild is fun.

This animation took about a week to do! Neat!

Everything else was BY MEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

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Songs in order:
“Goron City Day” from
“Final Stand” from Epidemic Sounds
“Shop Theme” from Zelda OoT
“Goron City Night” from
“Learn the Rules” from Kirby’s Dream Course

Production music by

Death Mountain Nintendo Switch WiiU


  1. I feel like I shouldn’t be here this early

  2. Super Game Strikers

    This is actually how I first got into Goron City!

  3. If anyone tells you this ISN’T 100% accurate, they were playing BotW wrong the entire time.

  4. How is thick, heavy armor supposed to keep you cool, anyway?

  5. You could say Link was “fired up” to get to the Goron City.

  6. I see you posted it to /gaming! I upvoted you and others should too! YOU NEED MORE VIEWS.

  7. TheShadowHatter

    This was awesome to see, especially the livestream process too!

  8. Seriously, did they expect nearly everyone to attempt approaching the mountain from that one specific path that has the one ranch that sells the fire resistance potions? I never found that til way way later.

  9. Miguel92398 I Random Channel

    That’s what I did after Mipha.

  10. No joke, this is literally what I did

  11. Thanks for the great laugh! XDDD

  12. …this is exactly how I got here too.

  13. When you miss the person giving out fire potions…

  14. Tracey Sparquelles

    But what about the falling rocks

  15. hang on… why not fireproof elixir? I’m confused.

    EDIT: Nevermind. I guess a lot of people share this experience.

  16. Jackal VonStone

    I just found the girl at foothill stable who sold Fireproof elixirs

  17. Dickwad McStuffins

    This was essentially my first attempt, but the falling rocks really surprised me…

  18. Yeah but fireproof elixir…

  19. This is exactly how I got there

  20. pffffft that’s one way

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