How Many 5 FT Drop Tests Can NINTENDO SWITCH Survive? Ultimate Drop Durability Test!!

Nintendo Switch is out! It’s time for a good ole classic drop test! And not just any drop test, the ultimate drop test. We keep on dropping it until it dies! Check it out! How is the Nintendo Switch actually?


I was shocked at durable the switch turned out to be. Ultimately the controllers and the nobs on the controllers do a great job protecting the device from typical drops here and there. But eventually those will break, but the is that they are easily replaceable. But with the screen being plastic, you’ll want to get a screen protector or you’ll end of scratching it badly over time. But I don’t think you’ll need a case to keep this device alive generally.

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  1. Tried to get a Switch but the person in front of us got the last one ?

  2. Did he just say “we can see Zelda runnen around” OH MY GAAD IT’S 2017 HOW DO YOU STILL CALL LINK ZELDA, HOW DENSE AND IGNORANT DO YOU HAVE TO BE !!!!???

  3. Why does this video have so many dislikes?

  4. the Nintendo switch is the Nintendo snap Secretly.

  5. My heart fell to my stomach?

  6. Drop test just so ridiculous nowadays why not drop a fucking nuke and see whether it survive, what a waste of money when this items could have been given to some unfortunate children to enjoy

  7. I want to win the switch for a person to play with her :p

  8. Can a hundred layer of gluten protect a Nintendo or an iPhone ?

  9. This is super painful to watch considering I’m too poor to get a switch myself.

  10. Gimme it! I wanna play the zelda breast of wild !

  11. Why are you doing this your a idiot u could of given that to someon who really wanted it

  12. That went better than expected. i pictured the Joy-cons flying of and the Switch bursting into flames. Better than Samsung

  13. when the screen cracks zelda Is gonna run out

  14. People complain about it being a plastic screen but it was a wise choice

  15. Jonathan A. da Silva

    Pick me and I swear that I’ll never drop it =P

  16. Yoink

  17. people ask you wat you do you say i drop electronics and then they walk away slowly LOL

  18. Entering the giveaway. Best of luck to everyone!

  19. To be completly honest. Its hard for me to watch this xD

  20. I need one because It’s so hard to find in stores.

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