How different Counter Strike VR can be

What can really change if Strike would be in VR, and what are possibilities.
Recorded on Pavlov, H3VR.


  1. this convinced me to buy the game, great video.

  2. how would you b-hop though?

  3. Now you can really be John Wick.

  4. Imagine trolling teammates by stealing their ammo?

  5. Wait, this isn’t even Counter Strike.

  6. All VR needs is glove sensors instead of those controllers, and this would be more immersive.

  7. 3:40 best one xD

  8. Ultra first person


  10. 1:54

  11. The title should’ve been “The Future Of First Person Shooters”

  12. I love that less than an hour after you posted this, some low life made a gif from the clip of you stealing the guy’s Uzi mag, uploaded it to r/gaming, and is now sitting at 17k upvotes. With zero credit given, gotta love the internet 🙂

    Edit – Oh and someone gave him gold. Someone gave the guy gold for uploading a gif taken from a video that someone else made of that someone else doing something funny. Fuck Reddit

    Edit #2 – Many people are replying telling me that it’s just the internet, or that they’re internet points and don’t mean anything. I’m aware of that, but it’s the principle upon which said “internet points” were obtained that really pisses me off. The person who made the Reddit post did nothing original, simply turned a portion of this video into a gif, uploaded it to Reddit, and provided no source or credit. Just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean that it’s fair to take someone else’s creative, original work and use it for your own gain. Whether the gain was monetary or not, it’s still wrong. There is another post that has been brought to my attention with far more upvotes, but the OP at least provided the source video in the comments.

  13. 3:54 fucking love it

  14. Now let’s bring out Left 4 Dead 2 VR

  15. i like the part where he compared the things

    Now if they just added child gambling in VR to the game, it would be the full Counter Skins Go Experience….

  16. isn’t moving around a lot really nauseating in VR? especially in a game like CS where movement is so crucial? VR esports has so much potential but things like this are a hangup

  17. 3:54 Im buying VR tomorrow just for that clip itself

  18. Azfar90 - A2ZGames -

    Then, someone will come up “School Shooter Simulator” on Steam Early Access..

  19. Now make Rainbow Six Siege VR

  20. VR – true future of videogames

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