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The in is poopy. But what if it wasn’t?
Editing Tutorial!


  1. at E3 Nintendo said after they made skyward sword they thought it wasn’t
    really a zelda game soooo they kinda agree with all of you.

  2. I love this

  3. More of this.


  5. You are a genius my friend… I would watch these videos until my eyes
    dried up and fell out of my skull

  6. falcon lover is awesome

    Question is, how much memory would these clouds take up?

  7. fantastic video ? make more plz

  8. My biggest problem with Skyward Sword is that it treats you like a 5 year
    old with no long term memory. The fact you get the “DUH DUH DUH! YOU PICKED
    UP AN ACORN!” every new session kills the game for me. I can’t stand having
    to sit through that every time I load up a save and start picking up the
    *many* collectibles.

  9. I feel like Arin wrote the script for this and Barry was forced to read it.

  10. dude love it, move of these would be awesome and amazing

  11. This was great!

  12. I guess Jon and Arin really rubbed onto Barry. I wish Kevin would edit like
    this more

  13. We need more of this! (I said excitingly)

  14. Such funny. Much Wow. Want MORE!!

  15. Barry goin’ all Arin on Skyward Sword. Barry doing Arin… Barrin. Yeah! I
    like that. Keep on Barrin!

  16. Are there ganna be more How about this game

  17. my favorite part from this video was with Audrey

  18. Christopher “Big Tank” Newman


  19. Oh my god this is the most adorable thing ever

    Thank you Barry you cutie

  20. Such sequelitis!

  21. ooooo I like this

  22. I still defend skyward sword and I really like a lot about the game… But
    I agree with all of the things Barry said needs improving. Also the sky
    needs more islands. Like give it a windwaker amount of islands. And take
    out a few of the goddess cubes so that players could just explore on the
    islands. That would really improve the game.

  23. Nyeh heh heh

  24. Completely agree with you. This game is not very good.


  26. Battler Ushiromiya

    Is it bad that barry made a better point than arin in his own show?

    Can barry have a sequelitis?

  27. This should be its own show

  28. Amazing BARRY!!!!

  29. So, not to be this guy; But what you’re asking can’t be done on the Wii
    hardware. Regardless of Nintendo’s skill with art, you simply couldn’t have
    the detail you’re requesting. You whip out Game Feel, and completely ignore
    technical principles of game development. You have the audio improvements
    down pat, aside from using Link’s voice. Hearing people in games and movies
    yell “woo hoo” shouldn’t make you feel anything. It’s like someone telling
    you “You should be excited now.”. It doesn’t work. The feeling should make
    you feel like saying “woo hoo” out-loud yourself. I believe that premise is
    in Game Feel actually.


    love me dat barry legal goodness MMMM harry barry yellow text marry me
    bitch ass MMMM

  32. Gonna need about eleventy more of these videos stat

  33. Barry, you had me until you criticized Groose’s character arc. That was one
    of the best things of the game.

  34. liking this a lot

    moar pls

  35. That was damn good.

  36. Why are they doing this video now? Are Danny and Arin playing Skyword?!

  37. This needs to be full on series

  38. Love this. But, have to say, Barry’s vid feels more like its a vid Arin
    wrote and Barry’s just doing his best Sequelitis impersonation.


  40. so is this gunna be a new thing cus if not there’s always sequelitis you
    can bring back

  41. i really really enjoyed this !!!! Well done Barry !!!

  42. This is great! Love the Sequelitis style being continued.

  43. i like skyward sword

  44. TheDarkAnimagus “Xenophir”

    I feel this is the only worthwhile YouTube video I have seen in a long

  45. As we all know, Skyward Sword added Bomb Bowling. Bomb bowling. Skyyywaaard
    Sword added Bomb bowling. bomb bowling. BOMB BOOOOOOWWWWLIIIIIING!!!!!!

  46. Is this barry or Arin talking?

  47. this is really good omg

  48. we need more of this : D this is awesome!

    Not to mention Ninja Audrey as a stand-in for the player is hilarious xD
    Would love to see more little skits with that, had me a good chuckle there.

    Also nice way of teaching about game design :p as an upcoming game
    developer i’m happy to see this xD

  49. This. More like this. With Barry. WITH BARRY! That Ego-whatever guy can
    maybe come too.

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