Hot Wheels Stunts

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A slow motion of toy car flips, twists and jumps. The tricks featured are the Long Jump, the Falling Roll, the 360 Spin, the Double Roll, the Halfpipe, the Falling Front , the Double Jump through Hoops, and the Splash .

Song “Lucky Charms” by Emcee

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Filmed with an iPhone 5s and a Hero Session mounted on a modified “Pharadox” car chassis. Here’s a picture: The cars featured in the video are the blue Mercedes C-Class, the orange Muscle Speeder, the red Gazelle GT, the white Horseplay, the white CUL8R, and the black Gov’ner car.

Both the toy car and the car completed all of the jumps by themselves. The only changes made in post production were a digital resizing of the third shot to crop out my feet, a replacement cut at the beginning of the Double Roll shot to cut out people standing by the ramp, and a cut at the very end of the video to place the car on the marble surface faster. All footage was shot at 120 frames per second and has been slowed to 30 frames per second (1/4 of real speed) except the removal of the car from the water which was played at 60 frames per second (1/2 of real speed).

2016 – 5 Mad Movie Makers


  1. Jelle's Marble Runs

    I like the yellow slide which serves now as halfpipe!
    How many takes did you used?

  2. So cool! This is the stuff i wish i could have made in my childhood! Really
    awesome, keep up the amazing ideas! :)

  3. How was the car made, I can’t find anything on it! Awesome video!

  4. This was awesome! Reminds me of a video game called hot wheels stunt track
    driver. Especially the ending.

  5. I need more of these videosssssss! It’s so cool ong

  6. I hope your hobie will bring you big money soon) You’re cool

  7. Can you do a video about the maximum speed you can reach? Try to make it as
    fast as possible :D

  8. This just made me smile. And… make me want to dig out my old orange hot
    wheels track that I’ve saved for grandkids!

  9. Loved every second of it!

  10. Now THIS is a trending worthy video.

  11. Awesome video. It took me back to 1972 when I started my Hot Wheels

  12. i unliked this just so i could like it again

  13. Exactly as I imagined it 40 years ago.

  14. Nice work!!! “Imagination is more important than education” Albert
    Einstein…thanks for the upload!

  15. Aw no loops? 🙁 This was oddly satisfying.

  16. How did you record from the toys? Cars have camera?

  17. i liked everything

  18. This is one of the coolest things ive seen in a while!!!

    You;don’t the camera make the thing all heavy and unbalanced?

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