HORSE RACING 2016 – More PS4 Horse Shit

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Enjoy the bit-like-Dynasty Warriors 3 music, at any rate.


  1. So
    What’s a “horsey portion”?
    Did I hear that right?

  2. Ricardo Armando Blanco López

    man!! we are getting all the fucking exclusives!

  3. thank god for JIM FUCKING STERLING SON !

  4. hahaha the steam greenlight cancer has made its way onto consoles. have fun guys.

  5. It was actually on Xbox before PlayStation and they charged triple A price for it

  6. Lookout steam! Sony comin’ for ya!

  7. A Chungus riding a Chungus… is that allowed on youtubes?

  8. The good old “being shitty is popular on the Internet” strategy? Pathetic devs.

  9. Wow, those PlayStation exclusives just keep getting better and better!

  10. Who the fuck at Sony is Greenlight-ing this garbage?
    Were they just sad Steam was changing their policies and thought it was a chance to scoop up all this fucking garbage for the PSN?

    Take that, PC master race.

  11. Though Jim likes various forms of whipping, one of them is not whipping a horse to death.

  12. Anyone notice the amazing grammar on the load screen? “Whipping continuously will angry your horse.”
    You’re really giving us quality good stuff now Sony.

  13. You know your game is shit, when you can beat horses to death, but PETA don’t give enough of a shit to complain about it.

  14. This kind of shit games reaching the PS4’s storefront is the ultimate proof that consoles have lost every advantage over PC gaming. Now customers aren’t even safeguarded against travesties such as these.

  15. when you said the time trials are just the races without the horses, i just imagine the awkward rider models waddling around, whipping each other.

  16. lmao just realized all the jockey names are plays on either characters or actors from the TV show LOST. HOW DARE THIS GAME? HOW DARE YOU?!?!

  17. “Imagine beating a horse to death so badly you both die” – fucking lol

  18. Do I like this?

  19. Golden Veronica!

  20. Have you tried going straight?

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