Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds – The Cold & The Brave (Jimpressions)

Disclosure: Sony done n’ gave me an advance copy.

Checking out the expansion for Horizon, with new weapons and machines and stuff like that.


  1. Horizon Zero Dawn: Modded Skyrim Edition

  2. can we just take a moment and recognize just how dammm beautiful Horizon’s UI is.

  3. in ultra hard, the op suit is almost normal,few hits, you are dead if you are not fast enough to heal, i sometimes use normal suits with good modification depends on what enemy i fight, enemies has no life bars, and they almost never stop moving/attacking.

  4. Oh yeah a bear would make more sense.

  5. seems more like a bear than a gorilla cool none the less

  6. They could make much more money if they dont send free copys to every youtuber on earth. Thats wierd, he dont even make real reviews.
    But i like this channel so its ok for me.

  7. These wooden shoe men need to port it to PC :(((

  8. Idk why, but something about this game doesn’t sit right with me. It’s always seemed very Ubisoft-y to me, which is not a good thing.

    It’s been enough to keep me from picking it up.


    I guess it is pretty *cool*

  10. JIMMM!!! Check out ArenaNet’s new loot boxes in guild wars 2, On top of the microtransactions (Which I am semi okay with) They have RNG loot boxes valuing at about 4 pound a box for random potentially shit skins for your mounts (Which you have to pay the expansion, and in game currency for) Really shows you the potential for MMOs to turn nasty!

  11. Man, who did Jim get this from? Microsoft?

  12. I would rather break my immersion and replay the game dlc after the ending than having cut content as a dlc at launch and keep the immersion. That’s just me tho.

  13. Never understood the games premise

    Aloy- a hunter who uses a bow and a stick holds back a robot apocalypse from destroying what is essentially a stone age society with about 20 helpers , and yet the 6 billion+ humans with Super technology- nukes, lasers, etc, were defeated by said robot apocalypse

    its fun game but the precursors to the game boggles the mind

  14. dragonkingofthestars

    Would it make more sense to call this episode “the cold and the bold”

  15. I’d buy the shit out of this game if it were released on PC. The amount of money Sony and Microsoft lose by tying popular games to unpopular platforms must be huge.

  16. I still haven’t played Horizon, but thinking of getting the complete edition (or whatever they call it). Does anyone know if the “damage amounts” can be turned off in the options? I don’t like numbers floating around the screen in an action game, it feels like something that should be in a turn-based rpg.

  17. Thanks for the upload sir. I get most of my gaming news from you due to the fact your content is fresh. Have a good evening.

  18. Supple ZombieKitten

    RIP good old stealthy bow! Only Sony knows how to butcher games with expansions.

  19. fitting time for it to come out, it’s about to snow.

  20. No offense, but the boss with the bear only took that long because you were using ineffective fire arrows for most of the fight. When you switched to the hardpoint arrows, you started to kill it quickly.

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