Honorwatch Animated Short | “Dragunz” [Overwatch SFM]

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The shorts have really good visuals and animation, but really bad writing, which makes them pretty predictable. So predictable, that in a recent stream, I said I could predict how the next one will go. And then I animated it.

Overwatch’s characters are super one-dimensional, and the shorts follow the same pattern of, “playable character is in a place, fights some schmucks, meets other playable character, then they fight, and end the fight without killing each other, and something is kinda set up for the current day, but we already knew this shit, so whatever.”

This wasn’t so much about being like “Look at me, I’m real good at telling the future” and more of, “Please help me give a shit about this game and it’s characters. I was really excited for it, and you continue to dash my hopes of any of these assholes being interesting.”

Except Mei. She is perfect, and I love her.

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Keven MacLeold – Local Forecast

Danger Doom – Mince Meat (Instrumental)

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  1. Pikapetey Animations


  2. Got it in one!

  3. Hey a feather is pretty much an honor bomb.

  4. you know thats actually pretty damn accurate

  5. Amazing how accurate that is, and it even beats the original.

  6. I like how much of it was right XD

  7. jesus christ what is this on point clairvoyance foolishnuss you pullin over
    me boi

  8. “Tryin’ to douse a pinch of weed in a frat street house,
    I’ll make mince meat out of that beat mouse!”

  9. its better the original , the envy smells on the air

  10. I told you bro, my predictions are 100% accurate

  11. Genji jumping off the railings almost made me spit out my coffee.

  12. TheDriXx | Sims 4 House Designer |

    Well, you quite got it.

  13. I think yours was better

  14. Fuck????

  15. THE FEELS!

  16. Romire Entertainment

    That was awesome

  17. it was quite similar, except it was Hanzo who’s feeling guilty.

  18. Holy shit, spot on.

  19. [Yoba.vg] Nomus

    Nailed it

  20. H O L Y S H I T

  21. Blackie Hideaki

    I prefer this one to the official cinematic lol
    Why? Swordfighting

    (really good guess on it btw hahaha)

  22. He wasn’t that far off really.

  23. I am screaming! I want this video posted everyone cause darn it! This guy
    got prediction powers!

    …that or Blizz really can’t write a good story…


  25. Hanzo’s Ult makes me laugh every time.

  26. ill be honest t thought dragons was decent

  27. omg 2 seconds in and im dying

  28. Matthew Helfgott

    Wow that was the exact thing.

  29. I can’t believe how accurate this was

  30. Not entirely accurate, but still pretty good.

  31. Krunkidile is fucking on the ball here

  32. i mean not 100% but not all that far off

  33. You were right! :D


  35. Thanks for using Oingo Boingo, I’ve missed them

  36. I swear to god you know someone at Blizzard this was way too accurate.

  37. RarityTheRogueRuffian

    You were actually pretty close. I also like this version better

  38. i can’t believe you done this

  39. ye this was so close lol bad writers

  40. Krypto Gaming (KSG)

    You ALMOST had it, but for the most part, nice prediction


  42. Nailed it.

  43. Close, but no cigar.

  44. ahahahahahahahahahahhha

  45. Vinh Nguyen (sukumei)


  46. …and you actually called it.

  47. Spot on prediction, but this leads to the question…

    Even though the Overwatch models themselves can’t be uploaded publicly
    without a DMCA takedown, can you still create non-monetized videos with

  48. Amazingly accurate

  49. Pretty damn close.

  50. Danielle Pedersen

    Can this be a series? Pls.

  51. This year, Krunkidile writes for the game.

  52. This is funny, but I don’t see how this is accurate beyond random guards
    get beaten up, Genji and Hanzo fight, and then they leave. Hanzo is not
    committing any sort of crime beyond trespassing and assaulting the guards
    nor Genji doesn’t hate Hanzo at all in the actual short.

  53. This is why I like Blizzard. Treading familiar ground but adding another
    level of detail to it.

    This is generally what happened, but the dialogue and the actual content of
    that dialogue was not hokey and cliched….too much.

    I’d just “just enough.” It was “just right.”

    Like a tasty cheeseburger. It’s not an exotic food, but if you have a
    REALLY GOOD burger, you don’t care. In fact, that’s sort of the point!

  54. Holy shit man.

  55. Rekty Rektingson

    fucking genius dude, almost spot on

  56. I see bonzo is doing well

  57. omg this is the most awesome thing ive seen in years

  58. Predict 76 or DVAs

  59. NAILED IT.

  60. how tf was this so accurate

  61. The predications is real.

  62. “Jazz hands!”


  63. nailed it

  64. what
    did you read the script ahead of time?

  65. absolutely nailed

  66. Buy lottery tickets.

  67. Оспанов Чингис

    Bitch you guessed it!

  68. Because we already know the characters and the map everything as going to
    take place. There has been hints all over the place. Also, If you didn’t
    know the characters you wouldn’t have been able to predict it.

    I feel like I am going to get hate for this, but really, I am pretty sure I
    am in the rights here.

  69. fucking nailed it

  70. NEOTOKYO maps in the background!

  71. Congrats on ruining the official animation for me. I can’t even take it
    seriously (not that I ever took blizzard writing seriously)

  72. Well played

  73. +1 for Mince Meat


  75. MrAnnoyingenderman

    Pretty fucking accuraye

  76. Glenn Battishill

    Quick, what lottery numbers should I pick?

  77. You did it!

  78. Only right thing was that they fought for a while….

  79. Kymothy Kennedy

    castle – right
    clan ganstas – right
    Blow it up – wrong
    genji mad – wrong
    fight – right
    ults – right
    Genji wishing being a better brother – wrong
    Hanzo fuck you – right
    62.5% right

  80. ChemicalExperiment

    Holy shit this was actually dead on

  81. Bismuth Element 83


  82. Their backstories are available on the wiki, explaining their differences
    and motivations. It’s already spelled out that Hanzo killed Genji, and that
    they are brothers. There was also a Coca-Cola sneak preview released a few
    days ago showing they were fighting and already hinting at their ultimates
    being used. What did you use here that wasn’t already previously known?
    Fuck off, retard.

  83. You’re right though. The ‘Alive’ short just made me cringe at how cheesy it

  84. I disagree. Their writing can be predictable and cliche, but it’s also good
    and the presentation is top notch.

  85. This really isnt anything special, especially when they fucking released
    teasers for the short weeks before this vid was made

  86. Honestly, I want to see this become a series, where Krunk just
    predicts/summarizes stuff and then animates it like he did with this and
    what had done with the “Every TF2 Serious Story”

  87. It’s, uh… honestly not that accurate. Especially since teasers were
    already out before this was made?

    -Got the location right.
    -Crime guys right.
    -Correctly predicted, uh… Action sequences and Hanzo’s ult.

    Everything else was wrong.

  88. All you niggas thinking he guess it right probably believe in dragons and
    chemtrails IRL. He is an animator that has animation friends at blizzard.
    He’s scene the short before he made this short. you niggas need to become
    more WOKE

  89. So hard to “predict” when the story was there for everyone to read on the
    Overwatch site

  90. well of course, not like Blizzard has ever written anything good, which is
    why the Warcraft movie will flop

  91. holy shit dis guy predicted the future 6 hours after it hapened wtf sooo
    funy lol

  92. Dat prediction tho

  93. All you got right is the taking out the goons. Everything else was already
    revealed in the teaser and the rest you completely got wrong.

  94. People seem to think that this ‘prediction’ seems to be impressive, but
    upon closer look it’s really not. For one thing, the basis of this
    prediction was made from a teaser showing clearly Genji and Hanzo fighting
    it off in a the Hanamura place, so really that’s about 80% of the
    prediction made here. Plus, not only does he get their motivations wrong,
    it didn’t end the same way either. So really, not that impressive.

    Also, I’m not sure why some people think a ‘predictable’ story somehow
    means a story is bad. There are tons of good movies, literature, games, etc
    that clearly have predictable elements in them, i.e the hero will always
    win, the villain will always lose in the end, the hero will get the girl,
    good will always triumph over evil, etc. It does not mean that those
    narratives are bad.

  95. to think he was on point. but this version is 10000 times better

  96. Terror of Pirate's Cove, Foxy!

    I don’t get it, all he predicted was that Hanzo and Genji would fight, and
    that there would be a fight.

    None of the other predictions came true, what is everyone on about lol

  97. He’s lying to all of you guys. The only reason it was similar is because
    dragons was confirmed weeks ago with released spoiler footage lol this guy
    is a bullshit liar

  98. totally predicted when this was uploaded 2 hours after the original video
    was uploaded.

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