“Hohoho Because I’m Jimbo Jimmy Girlie WTF” (The Jimquisition)

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Sometimes, feedback can be just plain weird, especially when that feedback takes the form of angry protests against covering industry abuse.


  1. It’s extremely difficult to critically cover an industry where a significant percentage of the target population are children, and easily influenced young people. These people can be then manipulated into loving the companies who deliver their videogames, thus ending up defending the companies, and attacking those who criticise them. At best, via forum discussions, at worst via harrassment, threats, and possibly even worse. Good on you J.S.S. for doing what you do.

  2. E-Simping for Activision right before the lawsuit is like when the hill you want to die on is Krakatoa.

  3. “The financial system, not ‘capitalism’ is responsible for this.”

    No mom, I didn’t flunk my test, I just received the lowest possible score!

  4. “The financial system, not capitalism, is responsible for this”

    Y’all ever read something so thoroughly ridiculous that you want to walk into the ocean?

  5. Without Bobbie Kottic and Activision Blizzard, Jim Stephanie Sterling would obviously have better things to do, actual games to criticize, real content to have. But this is what’s going on, and she’s the only one covering it, honestly she’s a hero.

  6. One thing games have taught me a lot over the years – if you encounter enemies it means you’re progressing. Staying put and not trying to make the world better is the only way to not encounter them.

  7. “The financial system is responsible for this, not capitalism!” I scream at the recently evicted family, froth slowly bubbling out my mouth as my gamer rage reaches its zenith.

  8. Im really interested in knowing your weight-loss regime, you look great!

  9. “But mom, they even gave me a medal and a cake! How can that be wrong?”
    “Honey, both said ‘asshole of the year’, this is not a good award.”

  10. “If my criticism sounds repetitive, it’s probably because the same shit is still going on and no one is doing a damn thing”

  11. 6:18 is unironically “You criticise society, yet you are part of society.” This is so cripplingly stupid and politically illiterate.

    Never stop doing what you’re doing, Sterling. I love you for it.

  12. I really hope this little era of gaming is the “dark before the dawn” part. This seem to be getting worse and worse but we’re also seeing strikes and lawsuits on a pretty large scale. Let’s keep banging that drum!

  13. “It’s not capitalism, it’s the financial system.”

    This shall become a meme of epic proportions. Just wait and see.

  14. Two thoughts: Envy should be addressed. In both email examples the patreon was mentioned negatively. These dude bros are absolutely jealous af that you are living their dream and quite successful at it too. Second thought: is it just me or does Stephanie look better than ever? The new wardrobe is great!

  15. The cruelty is the point. The massive amount of vitriolic attacks is designed to eat away the mental health of honest critics, so that they never return. Keep at it, Steph.

  16. “Its not capitalist, its surprise financial systems”. Hilarious stuff indeed

  17. “Someone has to stand up for the man”
    “No one needs to stand up for the man Melvin!!! That’s why he’s THE MAN!!”

  18. “Hohoho because I’m Jimbo Jimmy Girlie” isn’t quite as iconic as “I’m Jim Fucking Sterling, son” but it’s a decent attempt.

  19. The idea of Star Trek having “hippie roots” despite anti-capitalist Gene Roddenberry famously hating the hippie movement (and basically everything else) just gets me some type of way.

  20. “It’s not capitalism’s fault, it’s the financial systems.”
    No, Your Honor, I didn’t run him over. It was my car’s fault.

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