Ho Ho Horrible! (Squirty Play)

Hello friends! Here is a bad Christmas game for you to enjoy watching me not enjoy!


  1. I’ll look forward to the sequels, Easter Action and Halloween Shooter. Thanks for the jump scare warning Justin, that definitely would have been too much for me 😂

  2. Thank you Justin for editing this and giving jump scare warnings 💝

  3. Loved “It was hidden amongst all the game looking like shit”

  4. If this were a competent developer they’d probably just have a submarine sign on the door and a “it’s locked” message rather than telling you you need a submarine door key

    Or boat room

    Or whatever the fuck

    Also what is this, Commander Keen escape from Mars? Need to collect 4 items to power the ship and escape?

  5. If that’s a boat in the ‘submarine room’, does that mean Santa owns a U-Boat?

  6. 1:51 Justin while I appreciate the jump scare warning I think you should have at least told us just how ho-ho-horrifying it would BE.

    If it even is possible to be prepared for something at this level.

  7. Holy fuck a squirty play I’ve missed these so much

  8. This gives me warm fuzzy flashbacks to the good old Steam Greenlight times.

  9. They should label it psychological horror instead.

    After all you’ve got submarine rooms with only boats, long load times that make you think you won’t have to play anymore and items mysteriously dropping and confusing the player!

  10. While one can appreciate the directness, surely they could have given it a better title… Secret Santa perhaps?

  11. 6:40 Glad to see I wasn’t the only one to get stuck here. It was a mess, Couldn’t get passed the first few rooms because Stealthy Santa would always spot me no matter where I was.

  12. I recently found out that Jim is short for James and just thought that is one of the silliest most unrelated shortenings there is after Dick being short for Richard. That is all.

  13. “Looks like i was in the Santa of attention there ….” OH COME ON! 😀

  14. I think Santa usually depends on the elves to decorate his tree.

  15. Love these popping up!

  16. Is… is the main character shuffling around on their knees? Everything feels too big for you to realistically use, and it WOULD explain the slow movement speed…

  17. “Aren’t you a jiggly little package? I’ve got a jiggly little package for you.” – James Stephanie Sterling, 2021

  18. This definitely jingles my bells.

  19. “I’ve had worse xmases than that, if you can believe that” I didn’t even need the further explanation, I get you, and I have been there

  20. KommanderChopp'ard

    Steph: I’ve got a jiggly little package for ya
    Me: *Steph noise*

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